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WAR!!! Milky way DECLARES WAR....HR PROMISED PROTECTION!!!! (Fearless Blue)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  WAR!!! Milky way DECLARES WAR....HR PROMISED PROTECTION!!!! (Fearless Blue)

Nimz ..

Wednesday, March 23, 2005 - 11:56 pm Click here to edit this post
/me finally realizes why it's often smarter to use less than full fighting potential in an attack.

That's what I love about you, gwen--you're not only sexy, but smart, too . You will have to pardon my "Wild Man" fedmate, though. He's a good warrior, but he does have a few things to learn yet. No offense, mate--even I have a few things to learn yet.

However, gwen, I think you are still overestimating the number of MC needed to destroy most of the aircraft in your scenario. My best guess in the scenario with 10 Defensive Airports and 100k DH would be that 44999 DH would fire one missile, killing about 375 MC (using fairly old data--it may be closer to 750 MC destroyed now). Then the remaining MC would fire a round, destroying the airport and the 10k DH that reside there. After that point the MC would be quite useless, so it would be pointless to attack with more than needed to destroy the airport. However, there will still be 40499 DH that will fire three more times at the MC that survived the first firing round. If 100 MC shots are needed to destroy a defensive airport that is undefended, then only about 475 (850) MC need to be used in the first attack.

This could be done for at least 8 of the airports, with fewer units used each time, equating to fewer losses after each airport. Taking that into account, the total MC used would be no greater than 3000 (certainly no more than 5000). As for the last two airports, they might only be 99% damageable. If they aren't completely destroyed, the DH aren't destroyed, either. That means the last 10-20k DH and/or Ints will have to be destroyed using FP, NF, or OAAB.

If the Ints and DH are all at one airport, however, the situation becomes more bleak for the aggressor. Then every target the MC attack would destroy 375-750 MC (plus the MC needed to destroy the target). Depending on how many targets there are that need to be destroyed, that can mount up to several tens of thousands of MC destroyed. There would have to be over 1000 (2000 if you're optimistic about my old data) targets, assuming 100 MC shots needed to kill one target, before there would be a need for one million MC.

Repeating the entire analysis for if the MC attack after the DH fire twice, you get something like 5-9k MC needed to destroy the first 8 airports. There would still need to be well over 500 targets (that need to be destroyed) before you would need 1 million MC.

If MC fire first, I don't think there would be a need to sacrifice more than about 800 to destroy the first 8 airports.

Actually, your numbers for the total MC needed would probably be closer to the truth if it was 110 airports as a starting point. Of course, now that I've posted this, this whole analysis will probably become obsolete soon.

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