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Country Spending - Bug? (Fearless Blue)

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Visigoth (Fearless Blue)

Wednesday, March 23, 2005 - 10:12 pm Click here to edit this post
Ianqw,you and the other angry party representatives are of course entitled to complain and to do it publicly.
You are also entitled to forward your complaints via your own networks.
But are you really that dogmatic that any changes are enough for you to leave the game?
You say you pay to play,so you must derive enjoyment from it,and yet suddenly because of one dramatic change to the game play,your will pack up and leave on a quest to level to server and its creators with bad reviews.

Simply put,have some damn perspective,and reason it out before having a spit.

Firstly,unlike the mock armaggedon which was reset as it threatened to kill us all,the new costs are NOT unattainable,and will in due course self correct.(although with greater cost to war empires than small outposts,i will agree.)

Secondly if i may quote your last post
"I happen to know of several others that are getting wiped out pretty bad by this 'little' problem."
Well thats your balance right there.
If everyone in the race gets saddled with a
100 kilos extra ballast,its still a fair race,just sweatier and with greater chance of a heart attack.

You knew it was coming,or you wernt paying attention.

As a final note in perspective,the Game creators have been evidentally doing quite a lot in the development and additions to the game.(read the portal updates,and voting updates,and lots of other wayt hey show they are working on the game,and not rolling around in your 5 bucks a month drunk and giggling.
docs have been rewritten,major changes to corps,and blah dee blah dee blah.(read the portal things and see fo ya self.)

In the way of a PS-freedom of speech is a nebulous thing on the net,and I know of many a game where this kind of forum post that 'blasphemes' againt the game coordinators,or the code monkeys gets stripped down inside 20 minutes(and i know this cause ive had my words stripped more than once for constructive critical posts.)
Ive not seen W3 do anyhting of the sort,and for that,be thankful.

In short,take a chill pill,relax and in a few game years,you'll wonder what the fuss was about.
Simcountry is not perfect,but its playable,and bold and unlike most of these games,the creators
are still adding stuff and not just tinkering with basic minutia and contracting for every popup advertisment they can get.

For the record,Im NOT a paying player but ive been here for around 6 months,and will continue and be joining the paying ranks soon(when my award coins run dry.)

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