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W3C - Cash in Simcountry (White Giant)

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Nute Gunray (Little Upsilon)

Thursday, February 26, 2009 - 08:27 am Click here to edit this post
Greetings Mr. Willard

The game has now deleted one of the major items that I liked about it. -- That was the ability to gather large quanities of money. I would like to see that returned to the game. I would much rather see the gm put that back into place than to go to the other approach of organizing a boycott in real world terms i.e. no more real world U.S. dollars till the game is worth playing again.
Boycotts: new boycott request> online game players can decide to boycott an online game that was the number mmog but is now been kicked to the gutter due to the gm's desire to shaft, screw and cheat the players over and over again. A boycott will take place if enough players are asking for it. You can enter into a boycott by expressing your desire to stop funding the online game. The requests to start a boycott can be enacted when you decide to not pay any more realworld dollars to the online game.

If there are enough online game players requesting and enacting the boycott the game will either have to respond with more favorable conditions to encourge the online game players to end the boycott or the game will start to lose all its income. If the game loses it income the real world cash levels in the game will begin to be reduced and the game will either have to take out huge loans or go out of business. Even if the game takes out massive loans if they do not take measure to end the boycott they will go bankrupt.
I did not yet request a boycott of a any online game.

All the recent messages from you Mr. Willard have indicated that you want to decrease cash levels in the game so I am at the point where I am about to send out similar messages. The one big BIG difference is that my messages will indicate that the real world cash be reduced. Now with that being said I an not asking for much just the return of the game to a position where we can pretend that we are very, very rich.
So there are like 2 coices Mr. Willard:

Choice one (1). High cash levels of sim country money(pretend money)in our CEO's, our corporations, and in our countries = High cash levels of real world money in the game's bank account i.e. liquid assets.

Choice two (2) Low cash levels of sim country (pretend money) = Low cash levels of real world money i.e. massive real world debt or bankrupted and crapped out game that no one wants to play.

Montgomery Bus Boycott

Succesful Consumer Boycotts

I hope that you Mr. Willard can make a wise choice. Because belive me I do have a lot of alien, and human friends who are very willing to help me out in this cause. We can easliy have a huge boycott against Simcountry in a matter of a few days. It's really just the basic rules of supply and demand you learned in Economics 101. When lots of players like the game they will want to pay the membership fees, and you can make some profits. On the other hand when lots of players are not happy and the game has become so screwed up that no one wants to play it there will no longer be any demand for simcountry. At that point you will find it very difficult to even give away memberships. At that point Mr. Willard you will perhaps feel the pain that us gamers are feeling as you see all your income nosedive ¯ Meanwhile your cost will ramain constant «

Nute Gunray

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