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Simcountry is an Online Digital World where you are the President of a country.
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What is Simcountry?

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Thursday, March 17, 2005 - 08:55 pm Click here to edit this post
I once told Jossi ...

(he didn't bound bing time to bang answer, but he made some changes I wished, for example the "who is online" festival ... "looking like a bus station list" was perhaps his idea, so, don't blame me!)

... THAT we should consider a list of priorities, I even helped in construction making game's NEEDS look more obvious, making evidence:
(ex.) A. Problem Number 1;
... B. IDEA Number 1;
... C. Top Priority 1;
... D. Problem number 2;
... E. IDEA Number 2; etc etc
I stopped working at these when I realised that talking alone is more or less unuseful ... the problems becoming more complex while advancing to "number 10" and human coordination was necessary, only this way we could knew about each other, what everyone understood, aknowledged, conjugated ... considered-and-learned ... the "Look and Learn" option was not enough anymore(!)

However I must say that as High Priority Number 3 I was going to propose a feature suggested by the "Terms and Conditions of Service" as coming from the list of problems gathered (as much as they could, but unuseful as much as I know) ... the apparently "feature" is explained there (quote):

ASSIGNMENT is entitled to assign this agreement, and all rights and obligations hereunder, to a new organization that might merge with or otherwise, become owner of part or all of its assets. This agreement will remain in power and all rights and obligations hereunder will be assigned to the benefit of the new organization except as otherwise provided herein.

This was in my mind as High Priority Number 3 of our game and because I had not enough reasons to talk about it at the time I ask now Jossi (he does not answer, of course, no problem, but yours)
... when this idea to assign a larger organisation
with the game development has come on the table the game did not even existed or may just had a name, "country simulations" ... now we have the game - I mean you and the players - andhh ... are we waiting something more to happen before this re-assignment takes place(?) ... or what else? ... on the other hand the educational factor in this game is very important and can be "listed" in the hot-topics of many educational programs ... some of them are already running, I know real world "games", "games" making plans for development under Non-Governmental or Universitarian layouts ... if we at least could have all the players from these programs here you could be once more rich at this hour ... but it seems that you are only atracting players, I mean atractive minds, at this hour ... and most of them are not even atractive ...

Why don't you try to open in the portal a seat for Community Clubs (national basis)? What the ... hey ... means Business Lounge? - perhaps one with stupids that learn hard and forget faster! This means to make players feel at home in this worlds-game and make more easy connections between the game and their real world. They will learn faster the game and get involved faster, they will enlarge the Communities Clubs lists/maps faster ... On the other hand the Community factor is not interesting if we use this game as a propagandistic weapon instead as a tool ... what should I say more ... aha :):)

(Best Friend In The City!) ... Nevermore

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