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What is Simcountry?
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PLEASE!!! Stop meddling with how player's run their countries!

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  PLEASE!!! Stop meddling with how player's run their countries!


Friday, May 11, 2012 - 07:29 am Click here to edit this post
didn't read all the posts on this yet, but agree that sc should be more fun to play whether you a free player or premium player. who the hell want to start over every time you can't build your current's wasting time. allow players to play the game that they enjoy the game. it's a game that supposedly involved brain cells, let the player use his/her brain cells. stop all these unnecessary rules, restrictions, constraints, etc...

if i want to build a country to conquer other countries, then i can spend whatever amount of my $10 trillion on my military resources (companies, people, ammo, weapons, etc) at my own choice. don't tell me i need this and that, to build a military unit. or i need this and that to build a company. if i don't know how to build a military unit or a company that produce nuclear weapons, then i should got do my own research and come back to build it...don't restrict me....darn, frustrating!!

as i've said before, i'm a big fan of simcity. why can't sc be similar to simicity? for example, give each new person say $10 trillion to build their my country the way i want and see how it should be built. being on/off for weeks on simcountry now, it's just frustrating to do much and enjoy.

and if simcountry wants to generate revenues (real money), why not allow each player/president to bring in sponsors? sponsors will only be display on their profile pages and each president/country should have their own profile (like in facebook, or other social networks), so anyone who wants to know me should come to my country/profile?

what's up with two currencies in simcountry too. should only be simcountry money (SC$), if a premium player wants more this and that, then trade real money for SC$....that's it....keep it simple stupid (KISS)


Saturday, May 12, 2012 - 07:40 am Click here to edit this post
I just noticed one more form of restriction/protection which doesn't need to be there. When setting up military units, Simcountry now requires a certain, mandatory amount of ammunition to go with each type of weapon. In most cases, this is not particularly burdensome. The amounts of ammunition which Simcountry now requires me to allocate in proportion to the weapons in a military unit, are usually only a small fraction of the amounts of ammunition which I would normally allocate thereto anyway. However, I still don't see why this requirement is necessary. Any player with some experience can understand that their weapons need ammunition. It is also somewhat irksome, because there is actually at least one situation in which you would want to have weapons in a military unit but would not necessarily want to allocate ammunition to those weapons. I am referring to the use of drones as decoys when attacking enemy interceptors with offensive air units. In the past when raiding C3s, I would use one attack and bombing wing equipped with fighter planes, attack drones and precision bombers, to destroy the enemy's entire defenses. I would attack the enemy interceptors with the fighters and drones. The fighters would destroy the interceptors while the cheap, easily replaceable drones acted as decoys, preventing the fighters from being shot down. I would then destroy the helicopters in the same manner. Once that was done, I would use a combination of precision bombers and drones to destroy enemy supply units, ground units and garrisons. I would first use the precision bombers to eliminate the anti-aircraft defenses, because the bombers were much less likely to be shot down. I would then use the drones to destroy the other ground weapons, because drone missiles are cheaper than precision bombs, and also because there are some ground weapons which precision bombs can not target. Once that was accomplished, I would use a long range division equipped with heavy artillery, to destroy factories, cities, fortifications, etc, and win the war. However, because of the ongoing shrinkage of air units in simcountry, I have now been forced to establish two attack and bombing wings instead of only one. I have one attack and bombing wing with a combination of fighters and drones, for destroying enemy air forces, and another with a combination of precision bombers and drones, for destroying enemy ground forces. Now, here's the rub: I need to have ammunition for the precision bombers in the wing which is intended for destroying enemy ground forces, I also need to have ammunition for the drones in the wing which is intended for destroying enemy ground forces, and I also need to have ammunition for the fighters in the wing which is intended for destroying enemy air forces, but there's NO need to have ammunition for the drones in the wing which is intended for destroying enemy air forces. THOSE drones are not intended to attack anything. Their only function is to get shot down by the missiles of enemy interceptors, thus preventing my far more expensive fighter planes from meeting the same fate. There's no need to provide ammunition for THOSE drones, because I don't intend to ever use them to attack anything. THOSE drones exist solely as a distraction, and I would prefer not to allocate any ammunition to them at all, in order to reduce the number of personnel and support vehicles necessary. However, simcountry no longer allows that, and I think that it is another unnecessary nuisance.

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