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What is Simcountry?

The Final Prophecy S.C Revelations of the Crushed Empire Crossdell From Begining to End

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Saint Augustine

Thursday, March 18, 2010 - 07:54 am Click here to edit this post
From SaintAugustine,
Holy Entity

From The Holy Chambers of the Core Head Thrown of The Entity Head of Zion Great Holy Empire, Year Arpil 15, 2575 AD... Little Upsilon,
The In Enlightenment of the Cometh of Revelations of gospel of the forecomming of the Final Days Simcountry eternity ........

For all of SimCountry to witness the good news of the coming gospel of the Revelations of the future of The Holy Empire of Zion And its Destiny as a Righteous Globalzation of these two celestial worlds of Golden Rainbow and Little Upsilon to establish its righteous predestined globalization of the Cosmos of these lower celestial worlds under the gravity of control of its empire of expansion of domination and its predestination as holy dynasty under the chosen controlled hand of Siant Augustine of his Iron Brass Fist of a Righteous Domination from Zions Empire. For a 8000 Year Rein of these lower celestial worlds of Golden Rainbow and Little Upsilon. To the conquering of the Beast and the Unrighteousness Infidel of those who '''Do''' Not hold the waiting of the coming of the sacred predestined Empire. To Capture and imprison the Beast and all the Unrighteous Infidels the to the lower depths of the lower foundations of these worlds to imprison these blasphemers to condamnation for 6000 years and To Cast them below the UnderWorld of LU, and GR To the future of time and date of these worlds of their hour glass sands of these worlds until the Unleashing of all the Beast and Unrighteousness Infidels until the final hour for the call of Gabriel's 5Th final horn That cometh a Final Battle of chaos from the core of the thrown of the world of Zions empire from Little Upsilon. Every nation and every colony, Every monarch of high. The arches of power to every warmonger and warlord, to all that are free or in bondage from riches to poor Nations of Simcountry, Will witiness the Revelation of the coming day of the S.C Armageddon of Pandoras Chaos of the 1000 year war of these five celestial worlds of the Cosmos of simcountry. Then the on going final hour glass of the last few grains of the sands of time cometh the day of judgment for all witness the 5 worlds of Simcountry and to witness the very fall of CrossDells crushed empire. as he plagues the nations of his disgrase and pleads his gain of soverngity and his hiden demons are reveiled and banashed to the outer darkness for all to see the eternal judgment of Crossdale infinite punshishment as the bagbon of the of mark defiled beast to wounder 10.000 years of no sovergnity and no nation to give him amnesty for the defiled mark of his judgment given from Zion until the grace is achieved and given from the Zion empire. Then the setting of the predestination of Infinity of the Eternity Setting of the Zion Holy Empire To Be Set As The Holy Head Entity as the Global Deity and the One Imperial Righteous Empire of Time Over the 5 Worlds of SimCountry as its predestined Final Quest. But The 5 Worlds of the Galactic solar system of Simcountry will be the Globlal Domination of time of the Infinite Rain of Zion Righteous Empire of SaintAugustine's Cosmos

From SaintAugustine,
Writting Holy Scrolls of S.C Book of Life

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