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Merge your Empire into 1 big country!!!

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  Merge your Empire into 1 big country!!!


Tuesday, November 17, 2015 - 12:59 am Click here to edit this post
Sheathe your steel Mr West! The battle for the hearts and minds of the lost cannot be won here, they are too far gone. I do not attempt to reach out to the people here because they love Bolshevik communism and so you will surely be drowned out by fear and crucified for going against the flow of a raging river! History repeats itself and the red terror will soon be upon us and we can do nothing to stop it! What ARE you trying to accomplish by changing the course of the river? I argue that communism has it's purpose in the cycle that you aggressively oppose, because is it not obvious that there are too many useless eaters on the planet? Save yourself there is nothing that can be done the bankers have fully decimated our culture and there is no base for resistance. You are wasting your time here because you are a day late and a dollar short my friend. This is not the 1930s it is the 21st century and so long as they have Justin Biebler and the other American heroes they will never pay attention to what is going on around them! Additionally I request you stop breaking down all the ways we are in trouble, it is depressing! You know in your heart nobody cares about each other anymore these days, so let us just enjoy life please while we can before the currency exchange rates fail us like it is designed to run it's course and lead to bedlam is in the streets. THEN we'll talk about what to do about these issues, until then nobody is going to care.


Tuesday, November 17, 2015 - 03:03 am Click here to edit this post
You are clearly fishing for an argumentative response, Mr John West, but I don't think anyone will be taking the bait ;-)

Also, yep still lurking around here and there when I have the time haha!


Tuesday, November 17, 2015 - 06:57 pm Click here to edit this post
Guy asks a simple question about merging borders and now its the 'Rant' thread.

Rudolf Reindeer

Tuesday, November 17, 2015 - 07:58 pm Click here to edit this post
John West was standing up for me, and anyone else who knows a fraction of the truth. And yes my country was raped, just like the women of Germany. The messed my name up and everything else. I CANT EVEN CHANGE IT NOW FOR 7 DAYS. And John i dont know how you have the time and energy to say what i should of or should of tried to say. Nicely put friend! Its funny how people say they like free speech, until your saying something they dont like. And to that one thing who commented yes I PUT IT IN CAPS GOT A PROBLEM? GOOD! And John there is no way i could say what you have said or have put it anymore delinquently than how you have. We should talk, out of this crazzy game lol AND TO THE REST OF YOU, YOU DONT BELIEVE JOHN? OR HAVE ANYTHING INTELLIGENT TO SAY IN DEFENSE? THEN GOOD DAY TO YOU. YOU CANT DEBATE WITH SHEEP. And nice work on showing everyone the "nick names" the Jews are using. Like Gordon said, they care about Justin Biebler than the truth or their even existence in some cases lol

John West

Wednesday, November 18, 2015 - 01:12 am Click here to edit this post
you still got to laugh at the name they gave you Rudolf the Reindeer hahahhaa

i am very surprised and momentarily pleased to see my words appreciated by at least a couple people anyway, as i will be honest in saying i did not bother to allocate any effort to sugarcoat them. yes it seems the truth is not trendy at this time. what is trendy right now is what i'm going to call victimology, that is to be a society ranked on who is more victimized, akin to being a sheep lead to. . . well i think you know where i'm going with that

most people are i'm sure wondering what the hell am i going on about??? well it is the truth. i am all about the truth, whether it is pleasant to hear or a nightmare to behold, or whether it is supportive or disadvantageous to my predetermined or aspiring positions in life not is not something i factor into my search for truth, because these biases detract from what IS truth. i also understand i could have been born into this world of any background, and i would rather, as well as all have the opportunity, to live amongst others in the light of truth even if it lowers my standings with those who choose to live lowly in their illusions, or also i'd rather be of the truth rather than like a magician king upon a mountain of lies. the truth is indestructible, which is why it is hidden from the eyes of the many by the occultists, and so if we can establish an empire of truth it will itself by design also be indestructible!! i try to keep my eyes and mind wide open to be fully receptive to detect and process what is REALLY going on with our world when i am being fed a bunch of bs from the agenda pushers of the war machine, because i understand all is possible under God. interestingly to me paralleling these strange truths, indicators suggest to me that there is nothing new under the sun, and so should we be surprised by anything that is happening?

when i read deep into the actual history of the second world war it does not take long to come to the obvious conclusion that what my nation had done to yours was a disgraceful act that resulted in a needlessly colossal loss of life for multitudes of innocent people. i wish we could avoid the next repeat of events but i am not that optimistic. it will to some degrees be different, and to some degrees it will also be the same. i expect this "third" go around will lead many survivors to extended refuge in underground bunkers probably in mountainous areas

i generally just read, i don't usually write much AT ALL in regards to anything, i prefer to read, i dropped spacebook years ago because i'd rather play video games than comment on photos, and so for the most part i only write to people (besides business related paperwork we all have to do of course) in these internet games, as forums are also to me like spacebook and so not something i usually participate in either. and so when i do decide to come into this board and read what's going on here, what do i see?? somebody, who chances are is probably American (could be from anywhere though), regurgitating hate from something they heard somewhere, probably the history channel propagenda or the news presstitutes or otherwise hollywood or tellievision programmed bias transmitted by some masonic social engineers. . . i just shake my head and look down at what is before me, and that is a damn keyboard, and so i began utilizing what equipment i have available to combat this lack of knowledge with my god given keyboard. but do not mistake me as though i mean any bad will to the one that triggered me to step up to the soapbox, quite the contrary as i actually respect the one i was initially criticizing because i believe he also knows the real possibility for peace. it is something people that burn the canaanite bush understand.

thank god for the internet so that some day, eventually the truth will be known by all far and wide because information is now so easily and freely available and unfiltered, and we will leave these dark ages of deception!!!! unfortunately i heard the govt over here just passed CISA formerly known as CISPA and some other names i forget, so they can keep us in the dark!!!!!

and just as quickly as i took this soapbox i shall return it!! maybe il take it back, maybe i wont. depends if im interested or not to check back or participate, as i said before im not usually active on internet forums. anybody that wants to speak with me is welcome to send me a message in the game because that has a higher level of my interest and so i shift my focus back there. so long and take care sheeple, watch out for wolves you know oh what big teeth they have. winter is coming, and sheep is often on the menu

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