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Merge your Empire into 1 big country!!!

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  Merge your Empire into 1 big country!!!

Rudolf Hess

Thursday, November 12, 2015 - 04:17 am Click here to edit this post


Thursday, November 12, 2015 - 04:58 am Click here to edit this post
I think that players would take your suggestions more seriously. If you did not have the name and likeness of one of the most evil and hated men in history.


Thursday, November 12, 2015 - 09:46 pm Click here to edit this post
Or the fact hes typing in all caps... DOES SHOUTING EVERYTHING MAKE IT SEEM MORE APPEALING???

I love how this topic comes up every week. Do people not research threads before they post stuff?

John West

Thursday, November 12, 2015 - 10:22 pm Click here to edit this post
"I think that players would take your suggestions more seriously. If you did not have the name and likeness of one of the most evil and hated men in history."

yes you are absolutely right that is the common perception of the multitudes at present, but remember that perceptions often change with time and history will eventually correct itself. and in fact much of what we "know" about those villains is soviet propaganda.

The conquered are always made into villains by the conquerors. Are the conquerors running our nations today not mass murdering villains themselves?????????

ohh wait before u respond with "but we have the lesser of evils,"

as if we're not under the influence of evil today, every day, unrelenting and growing, until people whos willing to get their hands dirty themselves stands up and does something about it and fight fire with fire, but if defeated will be made a punching bag by the victor of course don't pay any attention to your own leadership . . .look over there!! not in your own backyard . ..

"civilized" nations today : we love minoriities!!!!!!

at the same time,

"civilized" nations today : we bomb minority nations into the stone age!!!!

all the while,

"civilized" nations today : its so great we defeated those evil nazis !!!!

all a matter of selective perceptions on a grand scale carefully manipulated by those who control the flow of information via tellievision, publishing companies, their bookstore counterparts, textbook contracts nationwide, etc etc. . .all operating like subsidiaries of a consortium that is in fact a mafia dynasty but never mind these,

we are the winnars ! ! !! [insert nationalistic chants of ur nation here, i.e. USA USA USA, thats the most nationalism authorized, anything beyond that is discriminatory and hurtful to others, and we must be more thoughtful of others and be especially mindful to not offend those who have zero historical relation to the building of our socities . . .]

by the way, nazi germany tried to deport people through a network of camp systems, wherewas we just came in and carpet bombed 85 perent of civilian houses and all civilian logistics and infrastructure. and also by the way, the UK and USA refused to accept the detained from nazi germany. on seveal occasions nazi germany tried to deport the detained to UK USA and actually set up a company with the purpose of relocated many to Palestine during the war, indirectly planting the first seeds in founding the nation known as Israel today .. .

and the SOVIET newspapers (who doesn't trust them??) at the very END of the war announced to us about the dark activities at the camps, to justify the war and its immense death toll of civilians and military alike, as well make the victors out as great liberators

convenient the news came after the fact and not before ..

and the pictures ... oh yes the pictures . . .which again came at the end of the war after we bombed the logistics and there was no food for anybody in nazi germany to include the nazis themselves who many of which did not look so dissimilar by the way at the time as most civilians, who had zero involvement with nazis or the allied powers, died from starvation after allied bombings

and before u (by u I mean anybody reading this) criticize me from your mothers basement, I drank from the koolaid as well and served for my country in combat capacity, afterwards I came to find the cold truth that we are not the liberators of the worlds oppressed after the fact, and came to realize that I did not serve my country, but in fact I served the interests of international banksters

lastly id like to mention, zylon b is a disinfectant for lice and other things that was utilized on the detainee uniforms to increase the health level of the detained, these disinfectant gas chambers were utilized in 2 camps where supposedly 6 million were pushed thru and gased. can u imagine the logistics of pushing 6 million thru 2 gas chambers the size of ur garage?

can u imagine 6 million people being pushed thru 2 garages??


its great the Jewish population rebounded to actually GROW throughout and after the war. doesn't comply with what our comrades in soviet russia claimed to the world however . ..

never mind the reports from the international red cross that had a presence at every camp which claimed a total of 100something thousand deaths in all camps from all groups throughout the entire war

naaaah i won't read any actual real information out there, I'll let the history channel on tellievision tell me everything I need to know yea ok sure

as for me, who am I? I was raised American Jewish myself but no longer adhere to any belief systems because they are all about peasant control and I am tired of the grand deceptions so I just thought I'd put that out there PERHAPS WE ARE NOT THE GOOD GUYS IF U CAN STOMACH REALITY

nooo lets also conveniently forget the literal mass rape of germany's surviving women by the red army

WE are the good guys and we stopped those bad bad evil nazis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

perhaps it is WE who are the haters who perpetuate hatred and division and communism of nations??? sorry i mean we perpetuate the liberation of the oppressed and the peachy diveristy of communities i must be looking at it reverse

if i bursted any bubbles here, you do NOT want to enlighten youself on who is leon trotsky and the bolshevik revolutions where hired guns from NYC financed by wall street cruised around eastern europe and murdered the ruling aristocrats of various nationstates such as the Romanov family of Russia, replacing the Czar with soviet union, and you do NOT want to know the actual etymology of "racists," in fact taken straaight out of yiddish from racistov meaning resistance

no no no non no no u are absolutely right, rudolph hess and all the other BAD BAD NAZIS is a hated man in OUR history books of the PRESENT, but forgive me for NOT thinking that perception will stand the test of time.

don't believe everythhing you see on tellievision, thats the reality and you can take it to the bank, if you didn't love it sooo much. heres the basis for your tellievision that has been feeding you disinfo right here:

John West

Thursday, November 12, 2015 - 11:24 pm Click here to edit this post
im waiting to get hit with emotional knee jerk reactions completely baseless from reality, statistics recorded from legitimate contemporary sources, or any real investigative research at all, such as personal attacks and regurgitated labels conditioned into the minds of the many. i'm waiting for the programmed hatred to commence. (and the inevitable claim that i am the hater)

go ahead and lay it on me

"To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize"


Thursday, November 12, 2015 - 11:47 pm Click here to edit this post
Um no thanks, I won't bite.

John West

Thursday, November 12, 2015 - 11:48 pm Click here to edit this post
bonus clarifications!:

government = latin meaning mindcontrol

racism = resistance member of the racistov

racIALism = the proper use the word in the meaning that people intend

diversity = planned division

capitalism = from latin for cattle trading (hence, liveSTOCK market)

commmunism = financed by wall street capitalists to eliminate competitors and control nationstates through proxy

banking = counterfeiting (see fractional reserve lending pyramid scheme, and since '08 TARP bill they havn't required a reserve, so they're literally just ceating money to infinitum when they lend it)

petrodollar = the ONLY thing that gives USD value, which is half of currency traded internationally, the biggest bubble the world has ever seen, as opec only accepts USD for oil (why nations are so desperate to export their goods to us so they can purchase oil to sustain their industry)

currency exchange rates = why we attacked saddam, assad, qaddafi, afghanistan, and eventually iran, to keep the petrodollar pyramid scheme going, because they all were trying to trade oil for something other than the dollar such as other currencies and even gold (qaddafi was obsessed with gold)

dollar bill = exactly what that is, all dollars are bills in that they are all promisory notes to a loan because all money these days are lended into existance by a bank

omega = symbolizing the end, over G Washington on the 1 dollar bill

fall of the roman empire = a FINANCIAL collapse from currency debasement of the denarius (roman dollar) from 200s to 400s AD from 98pc silver / 2pc brass to 98 pc brass / 2 pc silver, which creepily parallels our present situation of the last 100 years in regards to inflation

diversity = division and stimulates lending

lending = where the debtor inevitably becomes master of the indebted

ww2 = where racially minded polish military began massacring german civilians in the border cities of poland, and racially minded nazi germany responded by invading poland to actually liberate the oppressed (what a concept), and then was attacked by bankster influenced UK and france and USA, and germany itself responded to that by invading western europe as a necessary pre-emptive offensive (that is, part of greater defense strategy), despite great initial success, ultimately defended itself unsuccessfully and its innocent civilian population was then, ironically, severely butchered raped and bombed by the allied powers

tellievision = tells lies to your vision

freemasonry = devil worship cult that serves the banksters

NASA / NSA = acronyms for SATAN

oh man i could just go on and on i think i'll just leave the rest to you

if u got any issues with these criminal operations U MAY BE LABELED A RACIST NAZI


Thursday, November 12, 2015 - 11:57 pm Click here to edit this post
To paraphrase 'Meg' in 'A League of Their Own', "That's some mighty fine postin".

John West

Friday, November 13, 2015 - 12:18 am Click here to edit this post
thank you my only agenda is truth and reason

i get fired up myself when i see automatic responses of hatred triggered by emotions implanted by design to react to visual symbols (in this example, nazi symbols), which are innately neutral, but have mass programmed [negative] perceptions affixed to them by social engineers and media spin doctors

and to automatically express or imply personal hatred against somebody because they're a self proclaimed nazi or display nazi symbols, is terribly ironic and is revealing of the psyops that plague our minds like virii working against us from building productive (and dare i say, nationalistic) societies, rather than a globalized debt based enslavement "multicultural" tower of babel society completely void of culture, except that money is power and worshipped like a god and that to make money is the meaning of life, that bank accounts are compulsory and bank loans is the money, and we are all slaves to the central banksters who are just charging their accounts with infinite money and laughing at us from their steel towers, luxury boats and and behind their walls of secluded estates in their policed gated communities

lastly, i'm not german but i bet rudolph hess, who is so called "evil" by many, was probably full of love for his own people, and much more so than those who are filled with hatred at the sight of him, and sadly i'm afraid it's just because its the trendy thing to do, yet another politically correct punching bag for everybody, granted to you for all your punching needs by your beloved history channel series of politically correct rewritten chronicle of events where the only thing we have to worry about are those bad bad evil nazis (and dont follow the money back to your own country)

if you fall for that grand psyop i got a base on the moon for sale any buyers?????????

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