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What is Simcountry?
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Green Paws Empire

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David Walker

Tuesday, June 5, 2012 - 08:18 pm Click here to edit this post
I have been absent for a few weeks as my opportunity came up for secure social housing. It has gone through and I've successfully been rehoused after 4 years. New doctors have been added to my team and they're now taking my pains seriously, starting with prescribed painkillers each day. These have made a huge difference to my abilities already.

I've come back to 4 countries having been taken due to WP problems, losing about 750m in pop. The GM has pulled out of the GC market. More sudden changes to the Game Levels; defence requirements with War Levels (the opposite of what was previously said) and increased cash requirements (despite the

devaluation). The pointless devaluation continued. Changes in real cash withdrawal requirements. A Direct Trading market that is less of a market.

I don't see the point of the war engine if wars are practically irrelevant. We're supposedly playing a market based game with more restrictions and a greater lack of information than North Korea.

I am ok with structural changes but if they're announced a long time in adance in a readily refferable time table. Aiding new players doesn't have to mean restricting vets.

I consider myself accountable to others and I consider all others that trade with me accountable to me. If I get something for free, I expect to observe the requirements or leave it. If I pay, I expect due notifications and effective cost increases to be accountable and to be scrutinised both in advance and

afterwards. This would include annoucing and explaining forum bans. This would mean announcing a 12 month strategy for the game to allow players to adapt if they can. Sudden unexplained changes simply annoy people and leave one challenging a computer and not others.

I play a MMORG to experience player interaction and challenges. I preferred it when it wasn't a casino game but now it has been for a long time. I've always paid (except for intitial few weeks at the start) which is about 7 years worth over the last decade. I expect sufficient notification, a strategy

that is announced and open to scrutiny and all previous suggestions accepted to be listed online and explain how they fit in with the strategy.

Before I left to move, I began a campaign to get the breakdown of government costs. Players fundamentally fell into 3 groups. Those that said something is

hidden from players; those that said they think the GMs don't know what actually makes up government costs and then there's the others that think a mix of both.

I will always hold to account those that take my money, private or public, it doesn't matter. It is every citizen's right and cannot be ignored. I want to know the rules of a game before I play and then agree in advance to any future changes.

The pointless devaluation served no purpose. The game is still about billions and trillions.

I've done a quick read of the forum and there seems to be a lot of missing posts. I was informed of a massive increase in arbitrary removal which only further reduces accountability.

I see the message went out to encourage former vets back but when there's no lessening of the "work" load and far more resrictions and less player competition, I cannot see them staying for long.

I read that numbers are up, in which case the game should be booming, but there still seems to be a drive to extract more and more money from players. If I

pay to play, I expect to have fun and be listened to and take risks. If I put money on a casino table, I don't expect the rules to change after my bets have been made, or for the table to be weighted.

I cam back last after a 2 year absence, hearing some restrictions had been lifted, but I also came back and see the damage war levels had done to interaction, and for the pointless common markets still languising in an undeveloped state. I developed quickly and I can still do well, but the rules have changed and there was no hint of the changes made recently in the last year. Increasing the time and resources required to be a success in the game is a

fundamental change to the casino rules, and is an effective massive RL price increase.

I will be running down my account to nothin unless in the unlikely event of something changing to massively improve matters. I see Andy crtiscise vets for complaining about changes. I found that offensive. Annouce them well in advance with full explanations, detail and be open to scrutiny, and I think many would relish the challenge. Impose sudden effective cost increases and changes, and one has a responsibility to do what they can, and often there is only 1 to do. Shut up and go.

I have enjoyed interacting with players. I will be resigning from leader and member of AF. I apologise to AF and for building up AF only to be leaving again, but alas, the game will have to take the hit on that one. I wanted to spend more time playing and less time meeting targets and balancing stupid average indexes that are meaningless.

The winding down will take some time. Please feel free to contact me if you want a piece of the empire or for any other reason.

Kind regards and all the best.

David Walker

Wednesday, June 6, 2012 - 10:19 pm Click here to edit this post
I'm taking offers on all assets. To be paid by Paypal. Cash market price in GCs (less commission) will be refunded.

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