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Ideological Options (Fearless Blue)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  Ideological Options (Fearless Blue)

ZentrinoRisen (Little Upsilon)

Saturday, October 8, 2011 - 09:56 pm Click here to edit this post
I like the idea of a sliding tax rate for citizens. However, I would want the option of raising it as well as lowering it. Why shouldn't I be able to tax my citizens more and have the government pay a larger share of education and health care? We see this all over the world in high-wealth nations. In the US, we have lower tax rates, but we don't have health care provided to us. In European nations, they pay higher taxes, but health care is inexpensive or free.
Anyways, I think that would be a significant change in the game and would take serious time and planning to implement.

Lynx Highland

Saturday, October 8, 2011 - 10:41 pm Click here to edit this post
Soldier and Supersoldier. It sound a GM talking to himself. Weird...

Tom Morgan (Kebir Blue)

Saturday, October 8, 2011 - 11:55 pm Click here to edit this post
Capitalism works when everyone is on an even playing field. As I understand it, you Americans tax your rich LESS than your middle class- an absolute insane piece of illogical crap. There is no evidence of the trickle-down effect.
I support (but do not participate in) the 'Occupy Wall Street' because, lets face it, most people in the Western World are at breaking point financially, all the while the rich keep getting richer.
Capitalism does work when there are laws and institutions which work to strengthen it- capitalism does not work when society is unfair.
I understand why some of you would state capitalism is an evil system- currently the world economy is in turmoil, Europe is crumbling, the US is on the decline and political bickering and easy credit are the reasons.

maclean (Kebir Blue)

Sunday, October 9, 2011 - 11:33 am Click here to edit this post
Seems to me that Marxism/Communism sputtered out in the Soviet Union because it didn't work.The system barely lasted 70 years before it collapsed under its own weight of inefficiency and lack of motivation. Those who lived under this regime did not have even their basic needs met, except for the elite. You young'uns may not remember the bad old days of the Cold War, but some of us remember not only the threat of annhilation, but the starvation of the "workers" in the erstwhile "worker's paradise". Often, the only reliable source of food was that which was grown in the small garden plots allowed by the Commie guvmint. This was an expression of capitalism at its most basic. Private enterprise yielded far more than the collectives, for all practical purposes.
When the English came to America, they experimented with socialism/communism. The result? 90% of them died of starvation, until they went back to private ownership and private enterprise. For capitalism to work on a nationwide scale, it must be tempered with generosity to the downtrodden, and there is nothing illogical about that.
And don't get me started on the situation in Cuba. No one is building rafts to get to Castro's fiefdom.
Ok, I'll get off my soapbox for now...


Sunday, October 9, 2011 - 12:23 pm Click here to edit this post
Here's how to say it: The market is so just, it even replicates injustices.

ZentrinoRisen (Little Upsilon)

Sunday, October 9, 2011 - 04:17 pm Click here to edit this post
Pure Communism works great in theory. We easily produce enough food so that no one on the planet should starve. We easily have enough resources so that no one on the planet should live in abject poverty. The problem is pure Communism doesn't work because humans run it. On a planet-wide basis, we "westerners" would have to lower our standard of living in order to lift everyone up because the planet can't sustain 7-9B people living the wasteful lifestyle of a 21st century American.

RagingPencil (White Giant)

Monday, October 10, 2011 - 02:10 pm Click here to edit this post
I watched a video in regards to just that.

A computer would make all decisions thus eliminating human error.

I can imagine it possible in the future. I can also see a few problems at least with my present understanding.

maclean (Kebir Blue)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011 - 11:16 am Click here to edit this post
I have read some good science fiction on just that topic--letting computers run the show. In every instance, it was a horrifying shambles. One can dream up many scenarios without too much trouble: i.e., the Central Computer sees a jumbo jet in flight that is emitting .001% more CO2 than allowed, and it instantly takes care of the problem by shutting down the offending jet in mid-flight, killing all 300 on board. Remove human control, even with its flaws, and all hell will break loose every time. What do you think Hitler, Stalin, Mao, or Saddam would have progammed their Central computer to do, hmmm?
@Zinitro: I agree, most systems don't work perfectly because humans are flawed. However, the U.S. does produce food to feed the world, and does it, too, not that we get any credit. Who is always sending rescue teams to the scene of disasters worldwide? The U.S. Who hands out billions of our tax dollars to aid countries that vote against us in the U.N. every time? You guessed it. The only reason this country has the hundreds of billions of dollars to throw at the world is due to capitalism and the representative republic. When is the last time you saw North Korea (for example)send food and aid to anyone? Their system is causing them to literally starve to death in the midst of potential plenty.

Soldier (Fearless Blue)

Thursday, October 13, 2011 - 06:17 am Click here to edit this post
No comments on returning money to my citizen's investment funds or eliminating their income tax?

Off topic: Pure communism is based on the premise that a man's life exists for no other purpose than to serve the state, the society, and humanity as a whole. The problem is here. This is wrong, wrong, one hundred times wrong.
I agree that computers could correct such human errors as a man working for his own happiness and a man prioritizing his happiness and the happiness of those he values over and above the general welfare of the state, the society, or of humanity as a whole. I think that it is fairly clear how this would need to be done. I disagree that this is desirable.

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