Strategic Bombers

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What is Simcountry?
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Strategic Bombers

Strategic bombers are the most destructive weapons in the game. The hydrogen bombs they use are capable of destroying any target if they can get there and release their payload before being intercepted.

Strategic bombers, hydrogen bombs and the strategic air force bases they use, come at a high cost. The numbers that can be used are small and the defense of the country you attack will try to destroy them and their bases as early as possible.

Nuclear defense batteries can intercept the nuclear bombs used by strategic bombers but at least two such batteries and two missiles are needed to intercept the attack and destroy the bomb.

If two nuclear defense batteries are stationed at the target as part of the garrison, the defense will be 100% unless quality issues alter the equation. If the bombs used by the strategic bomber are of a high quality compared with the defending missiles, the defense might not be perfect.

A sufficient number of these missiles must be part of the garrison if the defense should be able to sustain a massive attack by strategic bombers.

Usage Strategic Bombers
Base   Strategic Airport
Deployment   Airports
Crew   800 officers and 1600 soldiers
Ammunition   Strategic Bombs
Range   Up to 15000 miles
Use per action   1 bombs per aircraft
Nuclear Defense Batteries hit rate: 100% damage: 100%
Conventional Missile Batteries hit rate: 100% damage: 100%
Defensive Military Airports hit rate: 100% damage: 100%
Defensive Military Bases hit rate: 100% damage: 100%
Offensive Military Airports hit rate: 100% damage: 100%
Offensive Military Bases hit rate: 100% damage: 100%
Strategic Airports hit rate: 100% damage: 100%
Strategic Military Bases hit rate: 100% damage: 100%
Capital  hit rate: 100% damage: 100%
Cities  hit rate: 100% damage: 100%
Can be destroyed by   Nuclear Defense Batteries and Interceptors
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