Nuclear Defense missile batteries

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What is Simcountry?
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Nuclear Defense missile batteries

The nuclear defense batteries and their missiles are used to defend targets against nuclear attacks. The batteries are always part of garrisons that are stationed at targets around the country.

A nuclear defense battery is capable of stopping nuclear devices except for strategic bombs that can be stopped if two nuclear missile batteries are available at the garrison and two missiles are used.

The quality of the missiles is important and must be higher than the quality of the attacking weapons. If the quality is lower, the attacking weapons might slip through the defense and hit the target.

Sufficient numbers of these missiles must be available if the target should be defended against repeated attacks.

Usage Nuclear Defense Batteries
Base   Defensive Military Base
Deployment   All land locations
Crew   170 officers and 350 soldiers
Ammunition   Nuclear Defense Missiles
Range   Up to 15000 miles
Use per action   1 missiles per battery
Nuclear Missiles hit rate: 100% damage: 100%
Chemical Missiles hit rate: 100% damage: 100%
Tactical Nuclear Weapons hit rate: 100% damage: 100%
Nuclear Submarine Missiles hit rate: 100% damage: 100%
Strategic Bombs hit rate: 100% damage: 100%
Strategic Bombers hit rate: 100% damage: 100%
Can be destroyed by   Stealth Bombers, Conventional Missile Batteries, Land Based Cruise Batteries, Cruise Missiles Ships, Nuclear Submarines and Strategic Bombers
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