Missile Interceptor batteries - Missile Interceptors

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What is Simcountry?
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Missile Interceptor batteries - Missile Interceptors

These weapons are used to intercept enemy missiles during their flight to the target. These defensive weapons are never effective against the enemy batteries and will never destroy any such batteries.

When a target in your country or a military unit is attacked by missiles, each Missile Interceptor Battery that is part of the military unit or the garrison that protects the target, will shoot up to 6 missile interceptors and try to intercept the incoming attack.

Depending on the size of the attack and the size of the defending force, a missile attack can be largely stopped or it may hit with a smaller number of missiles.

Your enemy will try to destroy these missile interceptor batteries and give itself a free hand in subsequent missile attacks. Your enemy may use Bombers and Attack Helicopters in such attack.

Targets should be defended by additional weapons to stop an air attack. Your air force if available and equipped with air-to-air missiles may be able to provide air cover and using anti aircraft batteries in units and garrisons is also effective.

Navy based missile interceptor batteries are also available and have a similar function in defending the navy against missile attacks.

Usage Missile Interceptor Batteries
Base   Defensive Military Base
Deployment   All land locations
Crew   2 officers and 4 soldiers
Ammunition   Missile Interceptors
Range   Up to 3500 miles
Use per action   6 missiles per battery
Off Anti Aircraft Missiles hit rate: 25% damage: 100%
Anti Tank Missiles hit rate: 25% damage: 100%
Mid Range Missiles hit rate: 25% damage: 100%
Land To Sea Missiles hit rate: 25% damage: 100%
Attack Helicopter Missiles hit rate: 25% damage: 100%
Navy Helicopter Missiles hit rate: 25% damage: 100%
Laser Guided Bombs hit rate: 0.5% damage: 100%
Navy Fighter Missiles hit rate: 20% damage: 100%
Conventional Missiles hit rate: 4% damage: 100%
Land Based Cruise hit rate: 20% damage: 100%
Cruise Missiles Ship Based hit rate: 12% damage: 100%
Guided Missiles hit rate: 24% damage: 100%
Attack Drone Missiles hit rate: 60% damage: 100%
Can be destroyed by   Mid Range Missile Batteries, Guided Missiles Frigates, Attack Helicopters, Navy Helicopters, Precision Bombers, Stealth Bombers, Navy Fighter Planes, Attack Drones, Rapid Deployment Units, Heavy Armored Vehicles, Heavy Artillery, Heavy Jeeps, Heavy Tanks, Conventional Missile Batteries, Land Based Cruise Batteries and Cruise Missiles Ships
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