The Deployment of Garrisons

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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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The Deployment of Garrisons

All countries have three types of garrison blueprints that can be used to setup garrisons to defend cities, factories, military bases and fortifications around the country.

The defense of all targets in a country is taken care of by garrisons that can be deployed to all targets at once or in any required detail to each target separately.

Once the defense deployment plan is created, garrisons, with all their weapons and ammunition will be transported to their targets by supply units. When weapons and ammunition, or supplies and gasoline are used, supply units are used to transport more materials to the garrisons.

You can create your own garrison blueprints and shape the defense of your country the way you want it. The garrisons are limited in size and can have up to a maximum number of weapons each.

When supplies are transported to the garrisons, the ones with the largest shortages are re-supplied first. Supplies are delivered as long as the needed materials, weapons and ammunition are available in the country, in sufficient quantities.

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