Keeping the Army Supplied

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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Keeping the Army Supplied

Army units and all weapons stationed anywhere in the country need several types of materials to keep functioning at full strength. Military supplies, gasoline, aircraft fuel for the weapons systems and ammunition must be available and will have to be transported to all army units wherever they go. The same materials will also be used by weapon systems stationed anywhere in the country.

Military supplies are delivered in a quantity of product that is needed for one soldier or officer during one (game) month. The product is available on the world market. Its price is determined by the market and may fluctuate depending on availability.

Army units use military supplies when they are stationed in their own country and the country will place automatic orders when the product is used and available quantities drop. This is similar to other products that are consumed in the country and are ordered when needed.

Army units will also move to locations outside their own country. These army units will be expected to have military supplies delivered to them by well-defended military convoys or transport aircraft that follow the military units wherever they are stationed.

Trucks are used in large numbers to carry military supplies, gasoline and ammunition.

Army units that are short of military supplies will not fight and weapons without gasoline or ammunition will become unusable.

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