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Air Force Units

Air force units can be created in the same way as land based army units. Air force units can have up to several hundred airplanes and can contain multiple types of airplanes. There are offensive air force wings and there are also defensive ones.

When a target in your country is attacked, an air force unit will be called up and automatically participate in the defense. The strongest air force unit, which has the best capabilities to weaken the attacking unit will be used. If repeated attacks are carried out against you, the air force will keep dispatching its best unit. This may be the same unit every time, but if the unit suffers losses a different unit may become the strongest. These units must be within range of the attacked target.

Air force units are stationed at military airports and operate within a limited range around that base. It is possible to move air force units to a different airbase and it is possible that such units will be moved to a base in a conquered area in another country.

If an air force unit is moved to an airport in a conquered area, it operates within its range around the new airport wherever that airport is located.

Air force units must be supplied with ammunition, fuel and military supplies. This takes place using supply units if the air force unit is located in the same country or can be reached by land and it requires air support units if the air force unit is located at a location that cannot be reached by land.

Depending on the types of air planes in a specific unit, it can be effective against land targets, cities, military bases etc. and against military units and garrisons. The precision of the attacks and destruction power of air force units (and all other units), depends on several essential factors. The most important factor is the proximity of your land forces to the target the air force attacks.

If your army if not close to the target an air force unit attacks, the hit rate and destruction power of the air attack will be lower. Army units must be close to such a target to make the air force effective.

Another factor is the quality of the air force unit. The number of airplanes that participate in an attack is limited to the size of the air force unit and the quality of the unit and the quality of the ammunition become essential.

Destroying cities and other land targets is less important. Wars are not won by just flattening each and every target in sight. The air force is an essential force that is mainly used to destroy the air force of your enemy to prevent counter attacks and weaken its defenses/ It is also used to support land based units in their effort to block attacks or in conquering enemy territory.

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