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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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War Levels

Simcountry now has 13 war levels and more will be added in the near future. A high war level shows the capacity of the player to fight and win wars. The war level is based on proven record of the player, winning wars against opponents of increasing capabilities.

War levels are a factor in the computation of the score. It is a positive factor is the player has the war protection of the country turned off or a negative factor if the temporary war protection is turned on. It is also an essential factor in the general game levels and anyone, playing Simcountry who wants to participate in the war game, and achieve a high game level, must also achieve a high war level.

Players, who are playing the peaceful game, do not need to worry about war levels. They will be able to move up the game levels without fighting any wars. Peaceful players have a different set of conditions, mostly economic that must be fulfilled before they can achieve a high game level.

Moving to higher war levels especially on the Fearless Blue world, will win the player extra gold coins in addition to the number of gold coins that are awarded when the country achieves a higher game level. Gold coin awards are given to players on all worlds when they achieve high war levels (starting in war level 7) but the awards on FB are much higher.

When declaring war, and fighting another president, war levels determine if such a war can take place. Simcountry tries to prevent wars between very experienced players and ones who just started playing and do not have much war experience yet.

Countries can never move down on war levels. Once a war level is reached the country and the entire empire will hold that war level indefinitely. The reason for this is that a war level is an indicator of knowledge and capabilities related to the war game. It would be unfair to have a very experience player who previously achieved a high war level, go back into a low war level and fight inexperienced players.

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