Moving to Higher War Levels

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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Moving to Higher War Levels

Once in level 3, you can continue to fight and win wars against C3 countries. Such wars can be fought against C3 countries in war level 3 and as a result, the country will remain in war level 3. To move higher in the war levels, a player must win a war against a C3 country of a higher war level. Each such successful war will result in a war game level increase.

Winning wars at higher war levels will be harder but when the war is won, the C3 country will deliver high cash amounts and many resources. The higher the war levels of the conquered C3 country, the higher the rewards.

On FB there are also additional gold coins awards. When winning wars against C3 countries of higher levels on the Fearless Blue world, the following gold coin awards will be won by the winner:

Reaching war level 4 is awarded with 10 Gold coins.
Reaching war level 5 is awarded with 10 Gold coins.
Reaching war level 6 is awarded with 25 Gold coins.
Reaching war level 7 is awarded with 25 Gold coins.
Reaching war level 8 is awarded with 50 Gold coins.

All countries with war levels 0, 1 and 2 are able to declare war only on C3 countries and by doing so they will gain some war experience and if such wars are won, they will increase their war level. Attacking C3 countries at your own war level allow for a slower move up the war levels and will give new players more experience before they enter the higher risk, president against president war scenario.

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