Looting C3 countries when a war has ended

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What is Simcountry?
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Looting C3 countries when a war has ended

One of the main reasons for players to wage wars on C3 countries is to loot resources from the C3 country when they win the war. This was always very popular with many war players and it continues to be a major motivation.

All C3 countries may have some products stored in the country and they have some corporations, including raw materials. Depending on their strategy, winners can decide to move these resources out of the country.

The population is in most cases not very large and moving population out is not possible. Also the weapons and ammunition that were given to the C3 country to run the war are largely gone when the country is conquered, to prevent a distortion of the weapons and ammunition markets.

The C3 weapons and ammunition was given to the C3 countries and were not produced by any corporation. These weapons and ammunition, if left in the country after the war, may end up on the market and may reduce the amounts of weapons and ammunition that are purchased from the world industry.

To prevent such problems, these weapons and ammunition are largely removed when the war has ended.

The main resource remaining in the country when the war ends is: cash. The amount of cash remaining in the country depends on the war level of the C3 country.

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