Declaring War Against Countries with a President

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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Declaring War Against Countries with a President

Starting at war level 3, countries can declare war on any country with a president, which is at the same war level. Starting with war level 6, it is also possible to declare war against countries with a president, that have a war level one or two levels higher than that of the attacking country.

Fighting countries at the same war level, starting at war level 3 means that peaceful players who will in general have a low war level, cannot be attacked. Certainly, they cannot be attacked by experienced presidents and will not be wiped out by a major power.

Declaring war against countries in higher level than yours is as described above possible if you are in war level 6 or higher but it has a price. Once you declare war against a higher level country, you become vulnerable and can be attacked by any country with the same war level or up to two levels higher.

The only way to prevent this is to refrain from attacking any country with a president which is at a higher war level.

Winning wars against countries with a president has no consequences for the war level. War levels can only change if you win wars against C3 countries.

Players at War level 3 and higher, on the Fearless Blue world, (The war world), are able to fight any other country with a war level of 3 and higher. There are no limitations.

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