Wounded in War

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What is Simcountry?
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Wounded in War

The numbers of wounded is updated after each attack in and each game month. Some of the wounded heal and some die. The numbers depend on the number of wounded and the availability of war hospitals.

Wounded can be treated in war hospitals that can be created by converting existing hospitals at a rate of up to ten hospitals per game month.

Converting many hospitals into war hospitals will reduce the health index and may cause other problems but war hospitals are essential in the treatment and recovery of war wounded. We are recommending that any player, who is in war or plan to be involved in one, will increase the number of hospitals in his country so that they can be converted into war hospitals.

A war hospital can treat up to 1000 wounded. Each game month, 200 will recover and return to normal life and 50 will die.

When no war hospitals are available or their numbers are insufficient, many war wounded may remain untreated. Untreated war wounded will die at a rate of 1% of their number per game month.

Wounded are removed from the work force, from schools, universities etc. They will return to the general population after being treated in war hospitals.

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