The Reserve Army

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What is Simcountry?
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The Reserve Army

It is possible to split the army into an active part and a reserve army that can be activated in case of war. The split can be done weapon by weapon for all types of weapons in all branches of the army: the defense, the offensive army, the navy and the strategic forces.

This feature makes it possible to have a large army but keep part of it inactive and reduce cost.

The feature also makes it possible for countries to trade weapons without direct effect on their economy as the weapons can be sold out of the reserves and put into the reserves by the receiving party without major changes in the numbers of soldiers and officers.

With this feature, players can reduce the number of soldiers and the cost of the army to a lower level and call them to action if needed.

The advantages of a reserve army are obvious as the economy may gain a large number of freed military personnel and use them as workers and managers growing the economy. The cost of the reserve army is set to 25% of the cost of the active force both in terms of soldiers, officers and other cost of maintaining the weapons.

There are also disadvantages.

Moving forces between the active and non-active army can be done at a pace of 10% of the total force per game month. Keeping the complete army in the reserve, means that it will take 10 game months to reactivate the full force. War declarations allow for a 4 months wait period before the war actually starts. Keeping 60% of the army in active duty allows for full deployment when war starts provided the player takes quick action when war is declared.

It is also possible to keep a larger percentage of the defensive force in active duty and move larger percentages of the offensive forces into non-active duty.

If full deployment of the army runs for a long period of war, the economy may suffer a large damage. When war is over, the army may move a large percentage of the force into non-active duty and the soldiers and officers will go back into their jobs in the economy.

The feature makes it possible for all players to rethink their positions and develop a strategy that will allow them to benefit from a larger workforce and reduced defense cost without adding major risks to their country.

If the country is unable to maintain its army due to lack of soldiers or officers, 20% of the weapons are moved to the reserves and 20% of the military units may be disbanded. This takes place each game month until the number of servicemen declines sufficiently and shortages of soldiers and officers subside.

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