The Offensive army

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What is Simcountry?
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The Offensive army

The war is conducted as a combination of army units invading the enemy and support from air force units. All attacks, except for attacks by strategic weapons are conducted by army and air force units.

When units get close to an enemy target they are stopped. The unit can decide to attack or call the air force. If the unit is within a striking distance, the air force attack will be at full force.

Attack the defense of the target. If the defense is destroyed, you can move on and the target will be in the area you have occupied. You do not need to destroy all targets. Civilian casualties are much less important. You just need to destroy the defense to be able to move on.

Try to destroy the defensive air force units. They are active in defending targets and will increase your material losses and your casualties.

Try to conquer large areas. If you take many areas, the war index of your enemy will decline substantially.

Attack fortifications. Each fortification represents 0.5 war index points. If you reduce their numbers to zero, the war index will decline by 50 points.

Bases are well protected. There may be many weapons stationed there. Destroying these bases may help in preventing counter attacks and good defense by your enemy but may prove to be very difficult. Destroying bases does not reduce the war index.

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