The Fighting Quality of Military Units

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The Fighting Quality of Military Units

Military units can have different quality levels attached to them that influence their capabilities in fighting. The fighting level of a military unit depends on the average quality of the weapons in the unit and the average quality of the ammunition of the unit. The average of these two is the fighting level of the unit.

The initial weapons and ammunition quality depends on the production process and the quality of weapons and ammunition that were purchased by the country. When weapons and ammunition are transferred to military units, their initial quality is divided by two and is used as the initial quality within the military unit.

Each military unit can have many weapons and the average quality of all these weapons is used as the weapon quality of the unit. Weapons that are part of the unit in large numbers influence the quality more than weapons that are represented in smaller numbers.

In the same way, the average quality of all the pieces of ammunition in the unit is used as the Average ammunition quality of the military unit. Also here, the quality of ammunition that is available in very large numbers in the unit will influence the average quality more that the types of ammunition that are only available in the unit in smaller numbers.

Average here means the weighted average of the weapons or ammunition. If the unit has 400 weapons of one type and 200 of another type then the average weapon quality of the unit will be computed as 400 times the quality of the first weapon plus 200 times the quality of the second weapon, divided by 600. In this way, weapons that are used in larger numbers in the military unit will have more influence on the weapon quality of the unit than weapons that are used in smaller numbers. The same applies to the ammunition.

The quality level of both weapons and ammunition is currently limited to the range of 80 to 120 but the range will be widened quickly. This means that the fighting levels of military units are also limited to the same range.

An average quality level of 120 for the weapons in a unit means that the weapons are 20% more effective in destroying their targets and they are also 20% harder to destroy. Very high fighting levels will become possible and will have an excellent effect on the fighting capabilities of military units.

Ammunition Quality and extended Range

High quality levels for ammunition has an additional advantage in the extension of the range of the ammunition. Some types of weapons will have an extended range and their usability will improve remarkably.

Upgrading Weapons and Ammunition

Military units and garrisons can be upgraded by the use of weapon upgrading products and ammunition upgrading products. One upgrade is needed to upgrade one weapon by one point. In the same way, one ammunition upgrade product is needed to upgrade one piece of ammunition by one point.

Weapons can be upgraded once per game month and targets can be set so that automatic upgrades will take place each game month.

Ammunition can be upgraded twice per game month and targets can be set so that automatic upgrades will take place each game month.

Many weapons and many types of ammunition will be allowed in time to be upgraded to very high levels. This will make it possible for countries to keep a small army of very high quality and remain secure without committing very large numbers of soldiers and officers to the army.

For some weapons, very high quality levels do not make sense because the destruction capacity at quality 200 may already reach 100%. In cases where upgrading is just costly and does not help, max levels will be implemented per weapon and ammunition type, to prevent players from spending their money for zero effect.

New products are available in Simcountry for use in the upgrading of military units.

Weapon Quality Upgrades (WQU)

These products are used to upgrade military unit weapons quality. One WQU is needed for each weapon in the unit. To upgrade the weapons quality of a unit that has 600 weapons by one quality point, 600 WQUs are needed. The weapons quality of the unit can be upgraded by one point each game month if the products are available.

Ammunition Quality Upgrades (AQU)

These products are used to upgrade military unit ammunition quality. One AQU is needed for each piece of ammunition in the unit. To upgrade the ammunition quality of the unit that has 6000 pieces of ammunition by one quality point, 6000 AQUs are needed. The unit ammunition quality can be upgraded by two points each game month if the products are available.

Upgrading Navy Units

Navy quality upgrading is not implemented yet and will be added at a later stage.

Monthly reduction in quality Weapons and ammunition, stored in military units will see their quality decline in time. If the upgrading process continues, the degradation of the quality will be negligible. If no upgrading takes place, the quality could decline in time and sink to a much lower level. The quality decline is 0.05 per game month.

Weapon and Ammunition quality when Supplying Military Units

When military units are supplied with weapons and ammunition to replace used ammunition and lost weapons, the quality of the supplied weapons and ammo, will have an influence on the average in the unit.

Purchasing high quality weapons and ammunition makes sense as this will determine the initial quality of the unit and the influence of reinforcements that are transported to the units by supply units.

If you plan to upgrade your units in the future to very high quality, we recommend that you start purchasing weapons and ammunition of higher quality. Purchasing weapons and ammunition at quality 240 will result in a start value of 120 in the units and a 20% increase in the fighting power of the unit.

In addition, supply units should also be upgraded to high levels because the transfer of weapons and ammunition from military bases where they are stored, to the supply units will change the average quality in these units and the transfer of weapons and ammunition to the fighting units, will in its turn also influence the average level of the fighting unit.

If weapons and ammunition are purchased at the highest possible quality, and the supply units are also upgraded continuously to keep their level high, then the resupplying process of military units will minimize the reduction of their quality.

Quality issues when Military Units are dismantled

When units are disbanded, weapons and troops are returned to barracks. The average quality of weapons in the country may increase slightly but the training level that was achieved before may be largely lost.

Military units can be brought to high quality is they are kept as a unit for a long time, have a high weapon quality and an ongoing upgrading program.

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