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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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The defense

It is essential to set up good defenses. Players trying to extend their power by force can attack your country. They will look for target countries with weak defenses that are easy to conquer and there is a real danger of losing your country in such a war.

We advise you to improve your defenses. The measures you should take include:
Purchase at least one, preferably more, defensive radar plane. Your country might have one from the start but having more is more secure in case one is destroyed. If you are attacked, your air force will be better targeted and know in advance where the enemy is aiming at. Without a radar plane, air force units will be less effective.

The radar planes can be attacked at your air force base. You must protect the air bases with a strong garrison that includes many anti aircraft missile batteries, and preferably also ground forces like tanks and armored vehicles that deploy anti tank weapons. A large garrison has many of these weapons.

Increase the number of interceptor units and defense helicopter units and purchase the ammunition and missiles they use. Protect your fortifications with garrisons, as large as you can afford and make sure they are fully supplied. If you have more resources, set up more garrisons to protect your cities and industry.

You can upgrade the quality of your units, and certainly the quality of your interceptor wings. It will make a big difference in case of an attack.
A strong air force with many defense wings is an important component in the defense. Although expensive, many defense wings at a high quality can make it next to impossible to defeat you.

Setup fortifications to protect your borders against invasions. Up to 100 fortifications can be setup and if well protected with high quality garrisons, they are harder to destroy and extract a high price from the attacker.

Improve the defense of invaded areas by moving defensive army units to such areas and block the movements of invading forces.

Setup many garrisons to defend all the potential targets in your country. If the enemy must destroy a very large number of targets and your defensive air wings hit back with each attack against each and every such ground target, your enemy will bleed continuously and will lose his appetite.

The defense cost is much lower than the cost of attacking you. Staggering cost and loss of many weapons have proven a great way to deter an attacker.

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