The Army and Fighting Wars

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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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The Army and Fighting Wars

War is part of life in the real world and it is part of the game for anyone who wants it.

Many of the participants in the game may not be interested in fighting wars and they are welcome to play a peaceful game. Their country can remain in secured mode and will never be attacked.

Anyone who wants to play the full game, will find out that as in the real world, if a small number of countries are conducting themselves aggressively and plan to conquer others, they will find themselves building up defense forces to prevent being attacked.

In Simcountry, all new players are protected against war and can choose to remain in secured mode indefinitely.

Attacking another country does not come easy. It is costly in casualties and it costs large amounts of money. The stronger your enemy, the more damage you will incur and the best countries can do is to build a strong army that will deter others from attacking.

A war can end with defeat; with one country being conquered by another. This means the end of the presidency. The country may fall into the hands of your enemy. You can of course start another country, develop fast and get on with a different life or, if you wish, attack your previous enemy and get even.

There is a difference between worlds on the issue of war and defense. The Fearless blue world is a war world and secured mode does not exist. If you play on the Fearless Blue world, you must prepare yourself for war.

War rules on Fearless Blue are more relaxed. Military spending limits are higher and countries can speed up the buildup process.

War is expensive also in Fearless blue but less so than in the other worlds.

War may have severe consequences and it is important to make your best effort to prevent it. In case prevention fails, fight hard and convince your enemy to stop or suffer defeat.

An invading army encounters resistance from enemy units, fortifications and garrisons that are stationed to defend cities and corporations. These garrisons must be destroyed before invading units can move forward and conquer more areas.

The air force can attack army units, garrisons, cities, fortifications and corporations.

Cities do not need to be destroyed. Destroying the garrisons and army units that are defending cities and other land targets, will allow the invading army to move on.

When large areas of the country are conquered and when most fortifications and some corporations are destroyed the war will be won, even without total destruction of cities and corporations.

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