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Offensive air force

The offensive air force is based in offensive air bases and is organized in air force units. Weapons can be purchased if at least one offensive air base is available. These forces include fighter planes that are used to attack the defensive air force, bombers and attack helicopters that are used against most targets and long-range radar planes. Large numbers of attack drones can also be part of air force units.

The air base must be protected against incoming missiles, land forces and air attacks. The radar planes are essential for effective attacks and are an important target for incoming attacks.

Offensive Military Airports can be destroyed in war. The last airport will never be destroyed completely (max 99%) and will house the remaining offensive aircraft. When destroyed for 90% or more, weapons that are stationed at the base will not participate in the war effort. An offensive military airport can hold up to 20.000 offensive aircraft. If many more are available, more air force bases are needed or some of the aircraft will be moved to the reserves.

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