Financial consequences of winning a war

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What is Simcountry?
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Financial consequences of winning a war

If the country that has lost the war had net cash, the net cash remains in the country and the winner receives the country with all the net cash it has. The net cash is all the available cash and all the loans. However, in case the net cash is negative, the winning country will not inherit more than -2T of net cash. Inheriting some of the debt will make it harder to bankrupt empires by conquering the financially weak members of the empire, causing all the debt to be inherited by the empire leader.

If the country that has lost the war had net debt (net cash < 0), the debt is transferred to the main country in the empire of the country that has lost the war.

The reason for transfering the debt to the empire that has lost the war is that some empires had countries make large profits at the expense of another country in the empire pushing it into very high debt and then had that country be conquered by a temporarily created second account to get rid of the debt. Now, debt remains in the empire and presidents must take care of all their countries.

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