Avoiding war

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What is Simcountry?
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Avoiding war

In the real world, war can be avoided in many instances by maintaining a large army, nuclear forces and non-aggressive policies. War in the game is not always avoidable as players sometimes take weird decisions. After all, this is a game they say and sometimes they go for a lost case.

Presidents are able to do a lot though to prevent war. They can build up a large defensive force that will deter most potential attackers. The defensive force can be so large that the crazy enemy who is not interested in the results will hit the wall. Such loose cannons are often not so well organized and their armies are small. Players who have a lot to lose are more careful.

Large numbers of interceptors and defensive helicopters with support of thousands of missile interceptor batteries, defensive missile batteries etc. will inflict a very large damage on any attacker and make potential enemies rethink. A defensive index in the range of 400, which is hard to achieve is a serious deterrent.

Depending on the economy, a large strategic force with nuclear weapons and many cruise weapons may deter too but the cost is high. In general, the more powerful a country army is, the more secure it will be. Unfortunately, even very peaceful players must, like in the real world, build a strong defense.

Military might has however its limitations. It is impossible to build an army of 10.000.000 as your country will run out of working people. It is also impossible to deter a very aggressive federation. Many countries look for the safety of a peaceful federation that can bundle its defensive capabilities and prevent wars.

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