Deployment of the defense forces

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Simcountry is an Online Digital World where you are the President of a country.
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What is Simcountry?
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Deployment of the defense forces

The defense forces are stationed at the defensive military bases. They must be deployed to targets around the country as these weapons always defend the target where they are stationed. If the defensive army stays at its bases, it will only protect these bases.

Some of the defensive forces may be part of military units that are stationed anywhere in the country or even invade enemy territory.

Deployment means that you are stationing garrisons at targets you want to protect. If you station a garrison with many missile interceptor batteries at the capital of the country, these weapons will intercept incoming missiles that are aimed at the capital city, or at the garrison itself. Depending on the number deployed, all the incoming missiles may be intercepted or if the number of defensive batteries is smaller, some of the incoming missiles will be intercepted. The other incoming missiles that were not intercepted, will hit their targets.

If the garrison also includes some defensive missile batteries, these installations will defend the city by attacking the source of the attack. If the incoming missiles are cruise missiles, the defending defensive missiles will aim at the cruise batteries trying to destroy them and prevent or reduce future attacks.

The numbers involved determine the result. The more defending installations, the smaller the damage you will incur and the chance of hitting at the source becomes higher.

Your enemy will try to hit your defense installations trying to reduce your defense and open your city or factories or any other targets for easier follow up attacks. Once your defenses are destroyed, the enemy will move more army units into your territory and conquer large parts of your country.

The defensive forces should be deployed to many other targets, including large cities and factories. Military bases are important, as attacks will be directed at these bases, aiming at destruction of weapons and military aircraft. In addition, destruction of the military bases prevents the purchase of new weapons. Weapons can only be purchased if bases are available to station these weapons.

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