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Simcountry is an Online Digital World where you are the President of a country.
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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Declaring war

Any country can declare war on another country and war will start within 4 game months. The time is needed to allow the attacked country to receive the message and prepare its forces. Some players log in once a day or less.

In case your opponent is not available, the system will use the available weapons to protect his country a good as possible but will not automatically purchase any weapons for him. The defense will use the available weapons. If the attacked country has army reserves, these reserves will become active at a rate of 10% of the total number of available weapons in the country, per game month

Wars are different in case you attack your neighbor or a country with no common border. If you attack a neighbor, you may use all offensive weapons. If there is no common border, you may use only the air force and missiles but no ground forces. As each weapon has a limited range, attacks may be limited to the long-range weapons. Attacks may be impossible if the country you want to attack is too far away and beyond the reach of your weapons.

Air landings and the transport of military units will be needed. The air force will be inefficient as long as no land forces from your country are invading the enemy's country and are positioned close to targets that are attacked by the air force.

If a country is outside some range, (about 30 degrees distance of the world map), war will be impossible. In order to attack a far away country, you need to first conquer a country which is closer to yours and then, launch an attack from that conquered country if the distance allows. (This is easier said than done but sure enough, possible).

There were some attacks in the past when two countries owned by the same person fought symbolic wars only to have one of the two lose as fast as possible and join an empire. The war procedure makes an effort to discover such cases and they are reported to the game master.

It is also impossible to start a war against a new user who started playing less than 90 game months before. The idea behind this is obvious. We should let new users learn the game and prepare for war before they become involved in one.

If however a new player decides to declare war on another country within the initial 90 game months period, the initial protection will be removed. The protection from war is also reduced if a country has a combined offensive + strategic index > 100. The assumption is that such a country is capable of waging war and is prepared for it.

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