Corporations and the war index

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What is Simcountry?
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Corporations and the war index

Destroying corporations is another factor in the war index. A country is assumed to have one corporation per 1,000,000 of its population. Some countries may have more corporations and some have smaller numbers.

If a country is assumed to have 40 corporations (population around 40 million), and four of the corporations are destroyed in war (or 8 corporations damaged for 50% each), the war index will decline. Four of the 40 corporations represent 10% of the assumed number of corporations in the country and it will cause the war index to decline by 2.5 points. If all corporations in the country would be completely destroyed, the war index will decline by 25 points.

If the country is assumed to have 40 corporations but in reality has 60, the destruction of the first 20 corporations will not influence the war index.

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