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Update nuclear weapons Status: Please read our response

Detailed Description:

Nukes have been harder and harder to make and buy yet they have been dropped in strength. I think this is wrong. I mean most countries use 50K troops to man 2bases. I suggest updating nukes. Nuclear attack on a President war should have its own bar for the war index. Nuclear attack should be able to drop a War Index 30Points. Strats/Nukes doing 3 point loss? tacts/subnukes 2?Chems 1. Also they need to be updated for the type of nuke Strategic stay as is damage wise but can use airbase to increase range meaning with the right amount of planning they have global coverage. Fallout level stays at 3 Nuclear missiles range remain as is but do a level 3 fallout instead of 2 Sub nukes remain completely as is Tactical nukes should be able to hit cities to maybe doing 50% capitals and 100% to cities. Also moving them up to a level 2 fallout Chemical missiles should be allowed to hit any land unit. Like if they hit a Long Range Divison they kill a massive amount of population In the unit. Leave them at level 1 fallout As you see chemicals do little damage because they hit the military. All nukes regardless make fallout doing more damage. Also if they all or even a few can be used in a sneak attack it add more of a first strike fell to them.
Vote Yes to upgrade
Vote No to leave as it

17 gamers voted for the proposal.
15 gamers voted against the proposal.

The proposal has been ACCEPTED.

W3Creative reaction:

Barely accepted.
Nuclear weapons have not changed in power for a very long time.
It depends what you want to do with nuclear devices. If you want to win a war with 4 strikes, that is not what we envision. Nuclear weapons can help in war but should not replace the need for an invasion combined with direct attacks on enemy targets.

In the past we had nuclear only wars but with many complaints about trigger happy beginners who easily bought them without any knowledge of the game and them used them for everything.

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