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What is Simcountry?
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Start date for contracts and reserves Status: Please read our response

Detailed Description:

I calculate my corps reserves of products when I make contracts with other corps. Unfortunately contracts in the game do not implicitly (or inherently) take this into account.
I propose that contracts have a start date either tied to the available reserves or when the player determines the reserves will be there rather than having contracts automatically change (and upsetting the prior calculations). This will make the game a little more player friendly and make internal trade a little easier.

26 gamers voted for the proposal.
7 gamers voted against the proposal.

The proposal has been ACCEPTED.

W3Creative reaction:

This proposal makes the contracts flexible for the buyer. The seller make be stuck with the products. Contracts must work for both sides. Quantities and period must be clear. Contracts are only changed when the buyer is limited by the spending space.

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