Requiring C3 armies to come from the world market

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What is Simcountry?
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Requiring C3 armies to come from the world market Status: Excellent, please read our response

Detailed Description:

Currently in C3 wars all Weapons/Ammo just appear out of no where. My suggestion is that all Weapons/Ammo to come off the world market. How it would work is that when the war starts the game creates all the units outlined in the war guides. After the war is won the game takes the total number of weapons/ammo lost and removes that amount from the market. This would create a massive demand for weapons and ammo. It would also allow the GM to massively increase the production of weapons corporations, decrease the cost of weapons, and allow players to become more self-sufficient in producing weapons/ammo. Vote yes to require C3 to take weapons/ammo off markets Vote no to leave as is

8 gamers voted for the proposal.
2 gamers voted against the proposal.

The proposal has been ACCEPTED.

W3Creative reaction:

The best contribution for a very long time, really. This proposal is spot on. We have known this problem for a long time and thought that fixing it will help but never resolved. The C3 weapons come from nowhere indeed, and disappear when the war ends. The disappearing compensates for part of the added weapons but this is of course not good enough.

Counting all the losses and adding up is difficult but we can compare the numbers when the war ends, and place orders on the market (gamemaster orders) for the missing weapons and ammo. This is not very complex.

The result will be exactly as you described. It will benefit the weapons market, and may indeed result in cheaper weapons and ammunition. We have already reduced the prices many times and would like to reduce more. Higher use will allow that.

We intend to implement this function. The engineer is now not available, he is on a different project but as soon as he is back, we will have this function done.

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