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What is Simcountry?
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Population happieness Status: Rejected - please read our response

Detailed Description:

hey i have an idea for the game i think it will be a lot fun if you see the population happines example 100% happines = The People Loves You 90 % happines = they still belief in you 80% happines = rumers are spreading 70% happines =they begin to talk about you and your rule 60% happines = They beginning to lose faith in your rule 50% happines = the will question your rule 45% happines = They demand inprovements 40% happines = They demand elections /you can choose / Yes i will win the people's heart again or No there is no need for an election 35% happines = Demand that that you Resign from office 30% happines = Demonstrations / you can choose talk to the demonstraters or crush the demonstration 20% happines = small riots in a few of your major cities 10% happines = riots all over the country and they warn you for an uprising 0-5 happines = Civil war a war with your military and loyalists against the people whoe are against you and other country's can choose to support the current regime or the rebbels the hapines will increase and decrease with the current situations of your Finance jobless rate if a war is lost the happines wil decrease if a war is won they will increase and your health and education and social-security and it will decrease if your country is in dept. this is my iedea it gives more strategy within your country keep the population happy or your nations will be destroyed by civil war i hope this will come in the game it gives more to do with and brings more fun to the game thank you and it will be nice if you have an nieuw force such as the armed military you can now create Police forces they can defend you country and keep order in you city's if there will be a riot or a civil war the your police force can fight them but i will decrease your population happiness if you arrest or kill the ring leaders of the mob they will dismiss but if you kill al more will join the resistence and will trigger the civil war you can now create as police force City police County Police Riot police S.W.A.T teams armored police unit police helicopter unit and more you cannot attck another country with it they are only for within your country you can choose to attack mob that are rioting this will damage you city's they not much but very few 0.5 or 1 % but thats why you need send the police there to take controll and bring order and if they will not dismis but go further there will be a civil war and the police and the military can figt the resistance /government vs anti-government if there is a civil war going on the city's and towns that are under government controll has a green line and rebbel controlled are red and if all city's and towns and ounty's are red the rebbels have won and the current leader has stept down or he can choose fight till the death with his few loylists but if the president is killed you have to make a new president and will it be a new dictator or a man of he people but if you win or lose there will be very much damage and dead and wounded and other players can support the rebbels or the government with military supplies and medical supplies and weapons and amored vechicles if you click on the city you see a popup you can see there is an war going 67,323 rebbels against 25,890 Policemen and 30,555 military forces you can send you airforce or divisions to the city to regain controll of the city if you taken the city it wil be marked with green lines and so on ( sorry for my bad english im from the Netherlands ) ;)

4 gamers voted for the proposal.
9 gamers voted against the proposal.

The proposal has been REJECTED.

W3Creative reaction:

Although it is rejected, we do understand how this is seen as an extension of the game. If our hands were free, we would be interested. However, we have many features that are requested before. there are excellent features that can be added and will improve Simcountry a lot more.

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