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What is Simcountry?
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One Country, states and much more. Status: rejected before

Detailed Description:

Yes, I know this topic has come forth and been rejected before. What I propose is different though. This is about merging countries into one, with X amount of countries(limit set by GameMaster) and bunch of other ideas I hope are at least considered since they would make the game a lot more realistic and entertaining. First and foremost, I propose that an empire have the OPTION to merge as one country with states(being the conquered countries- capital being the main country). This meaning that ALL workers and professions from all be countries be available to work in any of the states in the empire/country and be able to travel freely from state to state. I believe this would solve all issues with shortages and would stop the brain that many countries now suffer due to lack of doctors and university teachers, worker exchange contracts is a start but it should be for international trade only. just like people in a country do in real life, they should be able to move where the jobs are(this being where the president/ceo has decided to build the next corp). no longer will a state/country have to wait till they have enough laborers, since it will already be available in another part of the country in another state. Not to mention, this would make it WAYYYYY easier to maintain a large empire. This would include: Resources, stocks, corporations, populations, The country's overall surplus/deficit and assets and production values. 1)Education: Merge the educational system of every country, to one whole educational system where each time an Elementary school/High School/University/"Back to work" schools is built and the amount, a drop down menu is available that lists all the countries and their education rating(each one based on type of building being built). The overall/average score being the MAIN measurement for how well the empire is doing as a whole. Of course this feature should only be available when playing as the main country/capital, as an extension of the education page itself 2)Health Care: same as education, just replace some words with Health care and hospitals/special clinics 3)Transportation/Public Utilities: This is much more fun, since I believe we should actually be able to profit from trnaportaion. 3a)Public Transportation: Bus Routes, Light Rail, Plane Tickets(Airports)- All or some should be something that is added to the game and is built in each individual state(except for Travel/Plane Tickets) based on need just like a school would be built based on need(although user may build more than needed. Revenue would be collected from its use and used in the government budget. To give us more control over this, users should be able to set prices of each service, each state having a different price based on their salary index to keep it fair. This would give more use to air Transport corps, since it would become a consumer product used for international travel. 3b)Water/Electricity: Water & Electricity should be billed as a utility, no longer counted as something the government buys, but instead provided by private corporations and bought by private citizens. Although prices should be based on salary index to keep corporations from hiking prices higher than people can afford. This would create an even bigger, more sustainable consumer based market for these two things that governments and corporations can actually benefit from being that government makes money from taxes on the corps and the corps from the services they provide. 4)Salary: as I have proposed before, I propose that we enact a minimum wage law for private, sate corp, and public workers. this being effective in every state in the country. 5)Addition of a new policy page: A page which lists all the policies that country can take on, such as minimum wage, abortion, gay marriage, gun rights, voting right, civil right, religion, immigration(visas, residency, border control/open borders) and many more that we see in our everyday lives. Every policy has an effect on the country. In democratic countries, they are either voted on by the people or a congress and senate or left to the discretion of the leader.(This would give more use to the government a country picks to live under) 5a)Demographics: A new page that allows us to see who our country is made up of. like, the gender ratio in our country, the births, deaths, marriages, divorces, race, age, religion, drivers, language spoken, immigration/emigration, homeless, homeowners, public debt, private debt, etc. Capital having the overall(and it's own) statistics of the entire country and every other state having their own unique statistics as well. 5b)Culture Page: Allow for a country to invest in a specific art or multiple arts in order to create a more unique experience for the player, plus allow for every country to have it's own unique culture. This including things such as dance, art, music/movies/tv(every genre, not just subject itself), etc. Complete list, like they have in "Rulers of Nations"(PC game) 5c)Sport Page: same as culture page, just change some words to sports and sports names(soccer, rugby, polo, etc.). 5ca.Addition of an International competition like the Olympics, which is optional for a player to participate in, held every 4 years. Held in a country hand picked by the security council or voted on by all participating countries. Federal Reserve: I believe that a percentage of the money accumulated from all state budgets' surplus should be added up to one giant fund as a sort of safety net and a country should be able to send that money to either another player as international aid or a state as federal aid, buy necessities or loan it to someone else as well as pay off debts. Military: Pretty simple, merge all military units and personnel of a country into one. Just 3 separate branches: Land, Air, and Naval. This would create a simpler defense system for every country as well as accurate measure of military strength of a nation/empire. In conclusion, I agree that all the mentioned features would add more the game and create a better experience for all players as well as attract new ones, since this would be the ultimate online government simulation game. Vote YES if you agree with all or even some of the features mentioned and would like to see them all or even some added ASAP. Vote NO if you believe this would be a terrible mistake and think we should stick with what we have. These are all ideas that I would love to see become reality for this game and I'm sure you would too. P.S. please add a GDP feature, for every state. and an overall one for a country as a whole

13 gamers voted for the proposal.
11 gamers voted against the proposal.

The proposal has been ACCEPTED.

W3Creative reaction:

This proposal was rejected before and this vote is hardly convincing.
A 5 line proposal will have a better chance to get read and voted on.

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