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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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New prices for the purchase of country Status: Please read our response

Detailed Description:

at the current SC conversion rate of $36 United States Dollar (USD) for 360 gold coins (GC), that's 10 gold coins for each $1 USD. For the five Earth years that I have played Simcountry (SC), I have not known of any player who has paid 300 GC for a C3 country, that's $30 USD. Also I have not known of any player who has paid 100 GC for a player owned country, or $10 USD. the minimum current price of 300 GC for a C3 country from the Gamemaster (GM) is useless. the minimum current price of 100 GC for a player owned country is also useless. these gold coins are useless to grow this game. is it not this game called Simcountry (SC), and not SimEnterprise or any other name? If the primary intent of this game is to own and develop countries, then vote YES for this proposal so players could own more countries in this game and make this game better. this proposal is to allow player to buy a C3 country from the GM for the price of $1 USD and the price be negotiable between the buyer and seller for a player owned country. I would buy at least 1000 countries or spend $1000 USD, to do my part to grow this Simcountry game, if this proposal is passed with the following rules: (1) the GM will not implement any rule to take back any player owned country to become a C3 country again. a player owned country could only become a C3 country again, if it is abandon by the player or turnover to the GM by the player. (2) any player owned country could be owned by other player if the country is loss through a player-vs-player war (PvP). (3) allow the player to unify his countries with a common boundary as a single united empire. if through PvP war, the original countries could be won by another player. (4) the game to provide better mechanisms to manage countries, no more micro managing countries. Vote "YES" to this proposal to make this game better for players.

5 gamers voted for the proposal.
0 gamers voted against the proposal.

The proposal has been ACCEPTED.

W3Creative reaction:

We never discuss pricing but would like to refer you to a better way to get a country: fight a war with a C3 country and conquer it. The first war, as described in a document for beginners is trivial and can be won in 5 minutes. Beginners have everything they need to win that war and can do it directly after registration.
If you want more countries, it remains quite easy for some time and you can conquer more quite quickly.

If you want a large empire, you either need to fight much harder or pay for the countries.

We do not encourage large empires, they are hard to play and people with very large empires tend to neglect them and at the end, bankrupt.

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