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What is Simcountry?
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More Information and Fixes Before New Features Status: We agree

Detailed Description:

There are many features in the game which are underutilised and many vets will have spent years researching different elements of the game to find their own advantage. However, there are often results that cannot be explained.
If more information was provided we would be able to know where new fixes are required. As little testing of accuracy or the playing experience is obviously taking place prior to implementation then it is vital that more information on what is occuring is provided.
Developed countries employ millions of workers to run the country (total employment - corporation employment - educational & health employment - army numbers = government workers) yet they seem incapable of providing information on why certain situations arise, for example, regarding death rates, country product sales, movements of workers or citizen taxes.
I've very recently logged some issues in the Problems forum. I'm trying to detail evidence of what I believe I know on some issues. My investigations are often hindered by a lack of given information. For example, as an empire leader, I think it is my right to know what incomes are taxed and at what rates even if I don't have the power to change them. This have never been provided despite this first being raised about a couple of years ago.
I feel that before we have any new features (with the exception of fixes) we nee to be able to have confidence in the game's calculations, and be able to check much of it ourself. This will enable the expansion of the strategic aspect of the game and to ensure W3 are aware of problems that need fixing and players can respond on a knowledge basis and not a reliance of correctness and accuracy without verification.
When I setup a fixed price commodity sale offer, I need to know that when it's sold, that is the price and the funds are duly added to my country account. The sales and purchases log should have showed these transactions but many of them remain empty or only display endless lists of common market contracts.
I would like to propose that for the next 6 months, gamemasters and players alike, look into every single area of the game and request/provide information and then publish finding/results resulting in more logs/information regarding the outcomes in the game.
When a country oders stock, the government officials should at least know the price they paid. Corporation employees seem to manage it.
I want to make it clear, as I suspect some will say, that I'm not asking for coding to be published but for information on outcomes in our country upon which we can influence or make decisions regarding.
I have been playing over 6 years a serious lack of information has often resulted in catastrophic testing. Features like the budget should be at least hidden if they're not to be a feature of the game.
As an empire leader, I need to be able to assess my empire and make decisions. If statistics are unexplained by the government workforce, then I could be 'shooting in the dark' and I don't like to gamble. Unexpected events are of course acceptable. Like with earthquakes, we get logs of deaths and required supplies or people might die. With other features of the game this level of reporting is way above what they have. I can better plan for a nuclear attack than I can see my countries' stock trading.
I urge you to vote YES for a wholescale review hand-in-hand with players.

36 gamers voted for the proposal.
4 gamers voted against the proposal.

The proposal has been ACCEPTED.

W3Creative reaction:

We agree that more information on what exactly happens will make simcountry nicer to play and more satisfying as you will be able to control the way you want transactions to take place etc.

In some functions, more info will be added. A full log will add millions of transactions and is not added yet because of performance issues. The limited log for contracts is already time consuming. A full log may be added later, when the next generation hardware may make it possible. Currently, it takes a very fast server with 8 processors to run a single world.

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