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What is Simcountry?
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millitary/goverment upgrades Status: might be added

Detailed Description:

uor millatary needs upgrades from what i think. like we should have spys under an espionage categorey and we should be able to decide what age you can join the millatary and what age it cuts off we should also be able to make medals like the medal of honor and ribbons we should be able to make as many medals as we want for diffrent levels of acheviment.we should also be able to train officers and give them promotions (and soldiers) say like 2 lt. to 1 lt. and so on and so forth.and the same with soldiers.we should also be able to recognize retiring 5 star genrals. and in the case of a nuclear attack under important (or un-important)cities and corps we should be able to put bunkers to store important people and supplies for corps down there so they can still work(and it be secret). also we need special forces that can go behind enemy lines and destroy the enemy from the should be able to put special people in special groups like congress and that.and say your a dictator or czar you should be able to say how many people you want in the army like theres a screen that says how many people there are eligible for it then out of that you can choose how should also if your a dictator you should also be able to say where the peoples job is say you need alot of workers for a corp but you dont have enough you can order other people to work.

31 gamers voted for the proposal.
20 gamers voted against the proposal.

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