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What is Simcountry?
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local market, common market, and world market Status: Thin support

Detailed Description:

currently the local market and common market work just like a direct contract. a direct contract is a specific corp. selling to a specific corp., or a specific corp. buying from a specific corp. my proposal here is allow the local market and common market to work similar to the world market, where buying orders are match to selling orders base on the player's specifications (i.e. quality) for the products. the current form of the local market and common market with a direct contract between Corp X and Corp Y has many supply chain problems. for example, say Corp X produces electronic components and Corp Y consumes electronic components, this direct contract only works well if Corp X do not have any shortage of its input products so that it can produce electronic components to supply Corp Y as per the required quantity and quality specified by Corp Y. if there is any problem that cause Corp X not being able to supply Corp Y, then Corp Y cannot produce its products. I'm proposing that the local market and common market operate not by direct contracts between corps. I have many corps that produce electronic components, and I want Corp Y to be able to buy from the other electronic components corps if Corp X cannot fulfill the order for Corp Y. for this proposal to work properly, players need to be able to negotiate/select their own selling/buying price. without this discretion, then it is no incentive to use the local market and common market, because as existing then the price is the same as in the world market. the price of a product needs to cheaper at the local market than it is at the common market, and the price of that product needs to be cheaper at the common market than it is at the world market. these price differences are on earth and need to be on Simcountry planets as well. please vote "YES" to make these improvements

7 gamers voted for the proposal.
5 gamers voted against the proposal.

The proposal has been ACCEPTED.

W3Creative reaction:

The idea is not bad and hardly supported. It is however very complex and we do not think it should have a very high priority. The common and local markets work, there are many things to improve, and quality is an issue. We need an upgrade to that part of the game.

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