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What is Simcountry?
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Lengthen time until wars automatically end Status: Please read our response

Detailed Description:

I have run into something on a frequent basis that complicates this game much more so than necessary. When fighting a war you have to wait 4 months to go to war with an actual player....I don't see any problem with that. And being that there are several players out there with good countries who have simply quit the game, this presents an opportunity for players like myself to make war with inactive empires and strengthen myself, thus the reason for going to war with actual players. The problem is that once this war begins you only have 4 months to commit a war action or the game automatically ends the war. I think this is an unreasonably short period of time. Unless one has the ability to log on multiple times a day it is practically impossible to 1) drop Special forces to paint the country 2) drop air base construction units to build airports 3) airlift Long range division once the airports are built and 4) of course put everything in motion to conduct a war with a reasonable chance of success. Being that we have to wait to really engage in a war I think the game should give us at least 3 days to really get the war underway before it automatically ends it. The big problem with the auto ending of wars is that one must wait yet another 4 months before we can declare war again and 4 more months before we can actually prepare to attack. One of the reasons it takes so long to prepare for war is because the Special forces units are not very efficient in painting a country. Even dropping in 10 or more units will still take a few hours to adequately paint the country and ensure that any target painted will not simply be rebuilt before one can finish the war. For example, usually about half the SF units just stay still despite being given an order to move across the territory. I for one, can only access the game about once a day and it is nearly impossible to carry these things out within the time frame currently applied.

27 gamers voted for the proposal.
4 gamers voted against the proposal.

The proposal has been ACCEPTED.

W3Creative reaction:

We think that if youwant to fight a war, you should take action at least once a day. You should not base you war effort on the fact that the enemy has no active president. 4 game months is 24 hours on most worlds. If you have chosen a very fast world, it means you want to be more active.

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