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What is Simcountry?
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Items alcahol cigarettes Status: Rejected. Please read our response

Detailed Description:

Ok i think it would be a great idea if more alcahol brands were added like scottish whisky vodka etc also id think it would be a good idea if players could produce there own makes of alcahol like for instance simcountrys blue rum it would also be a great idea if you could produce cigarettes and so your population could start smoking and beable to sell these cigarettes on the world market etc it would be great if there was a thing like there is with the education system were u set up back to skool classes if u could add alcaholic classes that would be great

4 gamers voted for the proposal.
4 gamers voted against the proposal.

The proposal has been REJECTED.

W3Creative reaction:

We are currently adding new products to Simcountry. The reason is that many industrial products use the same raw materials and more diversification is needed. Alcohol and cigarettes are not a great addition at this moment, there are many products that can add more to the mix.

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