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What is Simcountry?
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Improving Simcountry Game Months Status: Please read our response

Detailed Description:

I did some digging upon noticing all worlds now run at 6 game months per 1 real day, and I saw where the proposals to bump all the worlds' time schedule from 4 months to 6: Proposal #262 ( and proposal #323 ( While fine points are made by those who made these propositions, I passionately and wholeheartedly disagree with having uniform game speeds among separate planets - for SO MANY reasons. I think EVERY planet should have a DIFFERENT number of game months per real day. I'm not going to ascribe these separate gameplay paces to any particular planet as of now, but here's how I think the game months per real day should work out. Given there's 5 countries, and I'm of the conviction they should each run at different paces, one planet will run at a snail's pace of three (3) game months per real day (resulting in one (1) game year per four (4) real days - ideal for lovers of Simcountry who have jobs, kids, and other responsibilities which would preclude them from playing under a faster model). Another planet would run at four (4) game months per real day (resulting in one (1) game year per three (3) real days). This would be perfect for the old school war lords of Simcountry. A third would run at the standard six (6) game months per real day (resulting in one (1) game year per two (2) real days). The next two would run at a pace never seen before in Simcountry: eight (8) game months per real day (resulting in two (2) game years per three (3) real days. Now here's what I'm sure will be the controversial part. I think if we go ahead with this model, the last planet should run at a pace of twelve (12) game months per real day (resulting in one (1) game year per one (1) real day). This would be perfect for a Simcountry addict like me. This proposal will certainly require further discussion, so I'm certainly down to go over the details regarding how I think this proposal should be implemented. So for the sake of clarity: Vote YES if you think each planet should run at a different pace. Vote NO if you want every Simcountry world to run at the uniform pace of six (6) game months per one (1) real day. KEEP IN MIND: Voting YES doesn't mean you necessarily agree with the game paces I laid out above, but merely that you think there should be SOME SORT of variation of game pace between planets. Thank you all so much for taking the time to read my proposal!

10 gamers voted for the proposal.
3 gamers voted against the proposal.

The proposal has been ACCEPTED.

W3Creative reaction:

In the past, we had planets running at 2 or 3 game months per day. The reason was not a choice by ourselves or by players, it was enforced by the time it took to run one game month.

There were many complaints and players did not like the slow pace.
When the servers were replaced by much faster ones, speed was increased to 4 game months a day with the smallest world, Little Upsilon, running at 6 game months a day. (This is why we created it smaller). We had complaints about 4 game months a day.

All the servers were replaced again, hardware improved, new storage technology and more memory etc.
Now a game month runs in 90 minutes. There are addition technical functions but in theory, we could have 9 game months a day worlds and LU could run 12.

All complaints stopped with the increase to 6 game months a day.
Now this.
We can discuss but there is a big problem. It is very hard to reduce the pace of the simulation while many players in that world count on it.
Even increasing the pace is a problem as existing players may not want a higher pace. In our opinion, a different simulation pace will be possible on a new world. We hope to have enough players to start many new worlds.

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