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What is Simcountry?
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Improvements to the system. Status: Thank you

Detailed Description:

Take these as you will, I hope that at least some of these are considered and added. Give players a few more options to establish a budget and political/economic freedom! This proposal is to: 1)New Tax Code: Establish a simple "low level(earns >10,000)- mid level(earns >25,0000)- high level(earns >50,000" tax code in which a player is able to decide how much of the income is taken based on a percentage set by the leader of the country. kinda like an income tax 2)Minimum Wage: Player is able to set a minimum wage($9.00/hr- separate for both government and private workers) instead of using an index number. it would make the game a lot more simpler and give a player a better idea of what to expect in the income from taxes paid by citizens. It would also create a better system for salary management which changes dramatically over time and makes it harder and more expensive to maintain hospitals and schools, would also make it easier for corporations to manage paying their employees based on a solid number without worry of constant fluctuation. 3)Sales Tax: Instead of collecting revenue from goods and services purchased from the government, citizens should be able to just buy their goods and services from local (and possibly international) corporations directly without having to set up contracts. This would create a more stable economy for everyone and maybe even domestic-transnational self sustaining for some. Instead of having corporations pay part of their profit to the country, we instill a sales tax(player is able to choose the percentage)on every sale made. International sales would be recorded as an import tax. 4)Foreign/Development Aid: A nation should be able to make monthly payments to another as a form of development aid. This would create a sort of a big brother big sister kinda program in which a nation sends a lump sum monthly/annual payment to a nation. Possibly even a food/resource aid program. 5) Entrepreneurs: Citizens of a nation should be able to start businesses on their own. This would be listed under "private citizen" corporation or something like that. the idea is simple, Have citizens be able to start businesses that use country resources(this would create a huge demand for everything and create sort of culture for every country-plus big profits), but more domestic-type businesses, like, restaurants(Olive Garden, McDonald's, Five Guys etc.) grocery stores, stores(Walmart, Target, Home Depot), and whatever else there is to add. The way things are run now are just a little too bland and feel so communist-esque to me. 6)Government Policy: Country governments should actually be able to pick domestic policy like gay marriage, abortion,immigration, marijuana use, pick if the country has an official language, religion, or even animal and so much more. 7)Currency: I know this might be asking for too much, but countries should be able to have their own currency and control the interest rate, actually have a taste of what real financials are like. how demand and supply, debt and all other things can affect the way a country works and the value of their country's money and how much their country is really worth. create a more unique and fun game experience full of challenges and achievements. give this awesome game more meaning. Above all, please at least consider adding a way to measure growth( a GDP).and maybe a credit rating agency to grade a nation on how well they are able to manage their agencies(find a way to merge this with the security council) this will create a way to establish if a nation really deserves a loan/aid 8)Real Estate: The real estate market in the real world is probably one of the most crucial to a nation's economy, which is why I'm honestly surprised to see it is not a big thing on here. Simple as I say it: add an option in which a national bank(8a) is able to loan money to a private citizen in order to purchase a home(mortgage). 8a)National Bank: A bank which exists to provide domestic loans to private citizens for homes/cars/business start-ups and maybe introduce the concept of credit cards to make it a bit more interesting. 9) Newspaper should include a monthly report of financials and the indexes of the country.

17 gamers voted for the proposal.
7 gamers voted against the proposal.

The proposal has been ACCEPTED.

W3Creative reaction:

A vote on more than one feature does not help us in measearing the opinion of players. However, we will look into these ideas and see which ones could be implemented.

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