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What is Simcountry?
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improvements to the management of an empire Status: Please read our response

Detailed Description:

There need to be improvements to the management of an empire. Currently there is no tool to manage my empire. The existing ?my empire? tab does not offer any management tool, just some tools to view the characteristics of your empire. I need to be able set the education priorities for all my countries from one page, manage my military resources from another page, manage the economics parameters of my countries from another page, and so on. Currently you have to perform the number of tasks equivalent to the number of countries you have in your empire; that is if you have 10 countries, you have to set the education priorities for each of them or performing this setting education priorities task 10 times. On military resources, the argument from SC that it does not want another player to suddenly have a huge military next to my country just over an earth night, has never convinced me that such player is a threat to me. But rather I think SC just wants me to waste so much times spreading out my money among my 10 countries because I cannot do buy all the military wares due to the existing SC imposed 500B SC$ spending limit per game month. So I have to spread my 5T SC$ among my 10 countries, in order to buy within the spending limit of each country; therefore, I have to go into 10 countries to order military products 10 times. What is the purpose of having a leader country if it cannot act for its slave countries? If I have 9 slave countries why is my leader country not able to buy military products on behalf of those slave countries? We players need to be allowed to do this so that my leader country can purchase 5T SC$ of military products per game month without having to go to each country in the empire to do this task, or else get rid of the spending limit so any player can buy as much as he has SC$ or GCs for any products in SC. SC wants players to fight real wars, yet it has put roadblocks on every corner, such as this spending limit; who's got the times to fight a war over an earth week? Currently SC has no tool to build the economics of an empire, but rather that W3C strongly discouraged players to build large empires due to paranoia of new players never be able to catch up to players who dedicated several earth years to groom their countries with times and money. W3C has installed many obstacles merely to destroy large empires, including increasing riots within the countries of the empire just for the heck of it, mysteriously increasing the general cost of government within the countries of the empire, and so on. Obstacles such as these are merely penalties to build large empires, which do not reflect how the player runs his empire or how skillful the player is. Riots have destroyed many state and state controlled public corps in my countries, just merely for the GM?s amusements of destroying my hard works and dedicated times to make my empire successful; even though the game docs stated that riots does not damage public corps, they have totally destroyed many of my public corps. to be fair to players and to be base on skills of the players, riots must be base on how well or poor the player runs his country, such as if welfare index is say below 50 percent then there is an "x" percent chance of riots in the country. SC game docs and GMs stated that the general cost of government in a country within an empire is a function of the population and number of countries in the empire. I have managed to reduce the military costs in each of my countries to under 200M, and W3C's system has increased the general cost of government in each country to over 1T SC$ without changes in the population of the country. I have hundreds of countries in my empire, and each country is operated independently because SC does not allowed the unification of my countries so how does the general cost of government in each country increase? If each slave country pays tributes to my leader country, and I have to setup many layers of management within the empire then the general cost of government may increase slightly, but certainly not by doubling, tripling, or at exponential rates as W3C has programmed SC to be now. We players need more details on the general cost of government in our countries, so that we can skillfully counter this variable. Across the countries in my empire, the general cost of government has been more than $500 per population head; with nearly 5B population in my empire, I am being punished to pay high general cost of government in each country without relevancy to my game skills. W3C needs to be fair to players by providing information to truly test the skills of the players, and not merely jacking up things to destroy players' entities.

12 gamers voted for the proposal.
3 gamers voted against the proposal.

The proposal has been ACCEPTED.

W3Creative reaction:

The management of empires is increasing at a close to linear rate with the number of the countries in the empire. Making it easy to manage very large empires will make it impossible for smaller players to compete.

It is very hard to compete against large empires as it is, but at least, a player with a large empire needs to do a lot to keep it which limits the long term survival rate of empires that are too large.

The government cost is among others, a function of the number of countries in the empire. It is by design and will remain this way. It should require the player to do more, and invest, if he/she is interested in a very large empire.

Most empires, up to 10 or even 15 countries are reasonably easy to maintain and can be profitable. Much larger empires are harder to manage and will remain harder to manage.

The SC game is not about huge empires. It is about smaller ones that can develop a small number of countries to become economic powers.

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