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Simcountry is an Online Digital World where you are the President of a country.
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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Foreign Relations Status: Please read our response

Detailed Description:

I would like to be able to open embassies in foreign countries. I would like diplomatic options available through the embassy, i.e. if I can bring my 'embassy score' up say to 85 that could unlock a special feature like allowing the countries to organize attacks differently, combine their forces etc. There can be different thresholds that are reached with the score unlocking various features.

I would also like these embassies to cost money, be staffed and be able to be attacked, even by civilians who may have been made upset by overt acts by the country running the embassy.

I think I should be able to close an embassy to send the message to a country "this is usually the last straw & war may be near"

I think the embassy should have an espionage feature and the host country a counter espionage feature, with spies being paid for and trained, in addition being able to be deployed to specific targets for information gathering purposes, with a cost and a risk of course.

There are numerous things you could do... train a spy high enough, assassinate a national leader! :O having an affect of course. (maybe we shouldn't suggest another way to lose lol)

I want embassies... if you want embassies too vote for 'em ;)

55 gamers voted for the proposal.
22 gamers voted against the proposal.

The proposal has been ACCEPTED.

W3Creative reaction:

This is interesting. It requires more communication between players which we would like to enhance and connects to the spying functions that we have on our plan for a long time.

We support this proposal and will add to the game although some of the functionality will have to be designed in many more details.

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