Fix basic/old features first before implementing new and fancy features

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What is Simcountry?
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Fix basic/old features first before implementing new and fancy features Status: Please read our response

Detailed Description:

I am a veteran player of the game having played since December 2003. I left for almost a year and when I returned I discovered that many of the features promised several years ago have not yet been re-announced or been addressed as being "work in progress". I would like to provide specific examples: 1- The budget function has not been functional since the very beginning of this game in 2001 2- It is still not possible to adjust the personal income tax despite this being very easily achievable technically and it's been requested numerous times. 3- We were promised "natural resources" and environment/smog index and such things, it seems to have been forgotten. 4- I several times have suggested that there should be trains (the rolling stock) that should use the train tracks. Recently someone suggested a bus business. There is simply not public transit, and this game is set in the 26th or 27th century. 5- Another feature I requested years ago, and others have concurred since was a mass rename corps feature or at least a standard/default format for new corps. 6- Natural disasters. The only thing that has been a disaster was this feature itself. The earthquakes are highly unrealistic and there is only one type of disaster. I would like to see floods, hurricanes, whatever. We could even have an alien attack (sarcasm). We now have been announced that there will be space travel and space shuttles. This is all great, but how about fixing those basic features before adding new ones. And because I know it takes months to get a poll responded to, I want to add a time-stamp. If you agree, vote agree. If you disagree, then vote disagree. Please vote on the principle and spirit of the motion and not necessarily the contents as a whole.

30 gamers voted for the proposal.
3 gamers voted against the proposal.

The proposal has been ACCEPTED.

W3Creative reaction:

Our wish list is very long and has many more features than possible to implement. Each of us here can dreap up more features in one hour than possible to make in 6 months.

The list presented here is great but these are no bugs. These are features that we have envisioned, even described before but could not implement to date. Bugs we fix immediately when we find them or when anyone reports them.

Many of the features we have on our wishlist come from voting or otherwise from players. Some are part of our own long term plan.

Adding trains will be nice but it is not a bug fix. It is a new feature. We will make it when we conclude that it is at the top of our list. We still have many more important features to make.

Our capacity to develop will always depend on the number of players who make a contribution to Simcountry.

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