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Simcountry is an Online Digital World where you are the President of a country.
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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Employment and Education Reform Status: Please read our response

Detailed Description:

A few propositions: 1. If a country has a shortage of a certain type of workers, and a surplus of a more advanced type of workers or professionals, then the previously unemployed advanced workers/professionals should fill those lower positions. Perhaps the extent to which people take jobs they are overqualified for should be affected by the social security payments and the investment fund. In real life, many humble jobs are filled by overqualified people who would rather be underemployed than unemployed. Doctors can do the job of nurses, high level managers can do the job of low level managers, senior engineers are still engineers, anyone can do what low-level workers can do, most people can do what medium-level workers can do. When this happens, productivity should actually be higher than if the job was being performed by those who barely qualify. This would make the "change profession/de-educate" feature obsolete, so it should probably be removed. Education cost can be too high, but people are never too educated. 2. The military should recruit/draft from all types of workers, perhaps more from occupations that have a surplus. Soldiers should come from LLWs, MLWs, and maybe HLWs. Officers should come from all types of professionals, not just medium-level workers. Obviously, the military needs high-tech workers. If this is implemented, you will be able to build your military using a composition of workers similar to your peacetime workforce, and you will add a better balance of workers when you deactivate your forces, instead of having a glut of medium-level workers. This should not affect the way wars are fought. 3. When corporations have worker shortages, it should be stated on the corporation page what type(s) of workers are needed and how many. Going to the employment page to compare all the statistics just to figure out what type of worker is lacking is not fun; we shouldn't need to do that. 4. The salary index system should be reformed to allow you to choose how much to pay each type of worker, in each corporation. Just because you need to give a very high competitive salary to one type of worker, shouldn't mean that you need to give everybody in the company a raise. 5. Allow the back-to-work schools to re-educate more than just housewives. For example, if you have too many managers, but not enough engineers, then the managers should study to become engineers. This should also allow low-level managers to become medium-level managers, high level managers to become executives, senior engineers to become university teachers, and so on for less time than it takes to educate someone for those positions "from scratch." In short: 1- Unemployed educated workers should fill jobs that they are overqualified for, e.g. shortages of medium-level managers won't halt a corporation's production when there are still unemployed high-level managers. 2- Soldiers should be all levels of workers, and officers should be all types of professionals. 3- If there is a worker shortage, the corporation pages should clearly state which type of workers are most scarce. 4- We should have the option of setting the salary indexes separately for each type of worker. 5- Back-to-work schools should enable us to change the professions of workers who are already educated. These changes will remove arbitrary annoyances and make the game both more fun and realistic. A yes vote means you would rather have all of these propositions implemented than none. A no vote means you would rather have none of these propositions implemented than all of them. I apologize for the dense bundling here, but polling these separately would take 15 weeks.

45 gamers voted for the proposal.
12 gamers voted against the proposal.

The proposal has been ACCEPTED.

W3Creative reaction:

Thanks for the suggestions. Some are already planned and some problems will be solved in a different way. Putting multiple issues into one vote prevents voting on single issues and the result is meaningless.

However, we do plan increased flexibility in hiring and education.

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