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What is Simcountry?

Educational Priorities Status: We agree  

Detailed Description:

We should have the option to set "vocational training" priorities...i.e. set priorities for the ratio of LLW/MLW/HLW like we do with managers, doctors, teachers, execs, etc. now.

W3Creative, if it is worried about sudden changes in the balance of workers, could even set it up so you have two separate "totals" to juggle, one for workers and one for professionals, if they didn't want a flood of workers to suddenly get promoted to professionals through such a system. This way changes would not take place overnight, but would take a bit of time, like altering priorities for professionals does now.

The mechanism for establishing priorities for LLW/MLW/HLW would work identically to setting priorities for professionals.

It would also give players a reasonably efficient way to react to the infamous staff requirement changes that W3 has been known to implement from time to time, and increase the importance of having a good educational system, because players would be able to do more with a good educational system.

50 gamers voted for the proposal.
17 gamers voted against the proposal.

The proposal has been ACCEPTED.

W3Creative reaction:

This point was talked about many times with a lot of proposals. We agree that there is a problem here. Most proposals to-date, had a disadvantage of making the whole education system obsolete by trivializing the movement of workers between the three groups.

This proposal is the first (Or we really missed something in the past which is possible) that we think can be introduced, solve the problem we have, and not destroy the education system, which is essential in the game.

It is not very easy to implement as it cuts through many parts of the game and requires that removal of the current procedure and all the corrections and tunings that take place on top of it. We will however implement it.

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